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    I can`t believe what i`ve just read, Sea Salt is working, you have saliva in the mouth... I`m over the moon, that`s absolutely wonderful, I really am truly happy for you, ya-hayyyyyy.

    Tell me more...

    Love Pat.

    PS Strangely enough, I haven`t seen the Sea Salt from Wales, think it`d be all over the place being just down the road!!! Must look out for it.

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  2. Plantscaper

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    Hi Pat,

    Been taking it for several weeks on food, but really noticed last night (have bacon only once/week with eggs-that's our Saturday night deal) that I did not "gag or choke on bacon"/per my usual experience..

    I ALWAYS HAVE A PROBLEM WITH BACON. This is a major change, cause I live in a very dry atmosphere, which was also contributing to the Sjogren's Syndrome..when I have overworked this past week, do get somewhat dehydrated (but not as bad, as before), but I am sweating, too..but physician's have told me there were no good solutions to the Sjogren's..They did not have a clue!

    Why do we not know that these simple changes can make such difference in our symptoms?! Thanks so much for digging out these solutions, that docs don't seem to know..

    Also, have been increasing my green tea that if you do eat some nitrate-containing foods, that it will neutralize the bad effects..Garlic is also being increased every day, although flak is part of the picture from others..

    To better days ahead and healthier answers,

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  3. PatPalmer

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    You have really cheered me up with your news, I can`t go to bed now i`m so excited, it`s just gone 11pm here.
    What with Hippens brillient post on detoxing with fever therapy and your news, this has really made my day-week-month...

    I too am still on the Green Tea, I absolutely love garlic on everything possible now - can`t understand why i`m not getting the flak too? Maybe they`re being polite...
    I`m also drinking a lot of Blackcurrant Tea for the extra Vit C.

    I must have edited the post above while you were writing out a reply as regards the Halen Moe Sea Salt.
    I had no idea salt was produced in England. I will be asking in my health store about it on my next visit.
    Sounds like the one you are using is good enough to me, its producing results already, another step forward, yes...

    Love Pat.

  4. Hippen

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    You all have no idea how happy I am that you are starting to see some improvements !!!! Take one day at a time and stay strong. Do not let these toxic critters win !!!! We can control our bodies.....I am living proof !!! I can walk long distances without pain...I no longer get constant sinus infections.....I no longer get painful cold sores on my fingernails are growing normal once unhealthy hair is now healthy once body no longer hurts when somebody touches me face no longer has the red chronic tooth infections are gone.....I can excercise and feel and see the results....I have lost 10 pounds of yuck and this weight has stayed feet no longer swell and become painful.....lymph nodes are not swollen anymore.....I actually feel good most of the time !!!!!!! I want you all to feel this way...the list of benefits goes on and on !!!!! Love, Hippen
  5. Plantscaper

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    Went off to make dinner...but I guess you have gone to bed by, now, Pat..Yea, that sea salt sounds good over there...I tried to order some, and can't deliver until mid-August due to orders, over here...Thanks, Pat for all the encouragement..


    How long did it take for you to get rid of all of those symptoms? I have gotten ridden of some you listed..can tell that lymph nodes are still swollen in various areas..

    You indicated that you self-massage..for how long?
    You know, I really prefer the OLE, but need to find some other anti-pathogenic treatment..did you take Oregano Oil for lengthy periods, like the OLE..and what brand?

    Fatigue and neurological symptoms seem to be my most persistent symptoms..and I get feverish and sweaty, whenever, I work, physically to much extent.. I would like to be able to go to a dry heat sauna, but not one available, locally (live way up in mountains)

    It was great talking to you both,
  6. Hippen

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    I massage my lymph nodes for a couple minutes at each site on my body. I do this every night in bed as I lie on my back. It is very relaxing also...helps me sleep. I have tried the oregano oil several times but not as much as the OLE. Any brand will do the trick...I usually bought one of the cheapest brands actually. I am actually going to start taking it again now to avoid the OLE from getting overworked...LOL. I think the brand was Natures Bounty. The headaches from herxing seem to be common...with the detox method but can be handled with a couple Motrin or Tylenol. I noticed the swelling in my nodes went away after about a month after I started massaging and sweating therapy.....with the OLE included. They would only swell for a day or two after that and I would keep massaging them and they finally stayed away for good. We have to keep our lymph system moving...once we get it unplugged and moving...we have to maintain it to keep it moving. While we are cleaning our bodies of all the thick gunk...our lymph system will need some help moving it out. Always massage the lymph nodes towards the heart...this is their flow pattern and you want it to flow forward instead of backwards. I forgot to mention that I had some little bumps on my face near the jawline...they were like really deep pimples and would never come to a head. I had them for many years and they also have gone away...all of a sudden...gone. It is like they were absorbed back into the body???? Hope this helps some more...I am going to get my plastic suit on right is 12:30 am here and I am gonna sweat !!! LOL Talk to ya later.....Love , Hippen