Plantscaper, Thank You for Posts on OLE

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sandy10seven, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. sandy10seven

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    I'm sure it was your post that caused me to buy the olive leaf extract and I'm so glad I did. As you read elsewhere, my sinuses are so much better after only a couple of weeks. I was going crazy from the almost constant sinus headaches and nothing (I mean nothing!) was helping. But with the OLE and the water/seasalt nasal washes, I can't believe how much improvement there is already. (Plus I'm drinking lots of water w/lemon and a little seasalt, thanks to PatPalmer and Shirl.)

    I didn't expect it to work so quickly. There wasn't any difference the first week or so, but now I haven't had a headache in over a week. I've not gone that long without one for over 2 years. This past week has been such a relief for me.

    Thanks to everyone here for sharing. This site has so many wonderful, supportive people. I love you all and wish you well many times over.


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  2. tandy

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    ditto!! I agree...I'm into the OLE now for 2 weeks myself.I had to back down a bit(guess I was going to fast and upping my dose)Excitement maybe?! But I notice the same~My sinus's are getting clearer~ Still some stuffiness and post nasal stuff happening but much better!!
    I'm holding steady at 150mgs a day~(any more and I herx bad!!) Take it slow ,and thanks again to PatP and Plantscaper!!! :)
  3. Plantscaper

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    I am so glad to hear good things are happening for you the way, Sandy, I noticed you live in Lynchburg, Tennessee..

    I worked in Kentucky (with all the bourbon distilleries and tobacco barns, which probably contributed, in a big way to my allergies) and am originally from Huntsville, Alabama..loved to visit up in the Lynchburg the Jack Daniel's Distillery, although no indulging anymore..

    However, with our DDs, we would develop new allergies, whereever we go, with our upregulated immune systems..I moved to Colorado and developed new allergies, here..So having a solution like OLE is really been a godsend for me, too..Thanks for your kind words..wish the rest of the puzzle would appear..


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  4. PatPalmer

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    Hi all,

    It just amazes me how well and the speed a natural product like OLE works.

    Sandy, I`m so, so glad you have found relief from the migrain nightmare, you must be absolutely elated... To have your days back at last, just fantastic.

    Tandy, really glad it`s working for you too, it`s great to hear good news.

    Even better is that it`ll also be dealing with other issues that shouldn`t be there too , so hopefully you should feel an increase in energy levels before long.

    Plantscapers been great in supporting the benefits of OLE. She like you has experienced first hand the debilitating devestation of sinus & migrain, which makes her the leading expert around here... Thanks Amelia.

    Love Pat.
  5. sandy10seven

    sandy10seven New Member

    Yes, yes, yes, the sinus problems and the excruciating headaches along with the CFS (not to mention the PTSD) was getting to be more that I could deal with. I found this site just in time. Bless you all!

    I need to read more about both OLE and seasalt. I just saw that they were good for sinus problems and didn't read any further. lol

    Plantscaper, I had no idea you were from Huntsville. I'm from Hazel Green (10 miles north). I lived in El Paso and Houston for 20 years then moved back a few years ago. Decided I liked Lynchburg because Huntsville has grown so much, the whole area is too crowded.

    Pat, I always thought there was too much hype about salt being bad for you. Too much of anything is usually not good, but seasalt used correctly seems to have a lot of benefits.

    Tandy, hope you continue to get better. And good luck to you Bek. Maybe you'll see some improvement soon.

    Take care, Sandy

  6. Plantscaper

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    Most of my relatives on my father's side are from HAZEL, I am well aware of the territory..and you are right, Huntsville has become so crowded, that I would rather live out here..Are you originally from Hazel Green and went to the Hazel Green schools? You may have known some of my cousins...although, most of them were older than you..

    I hope you will continue to improve in many areas with the OLE and other recommended treatments..