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    How are you?

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    Hi there, Pat...

    Found out, today that my present doc is leaving practice, so it looks like I have to make another change..wish I could find someone who really knows about these DDs..may have to leave the state to find CFS/FM doc..

    I have added sea salt and licorice to my vastly expanding regimen..eating a lot of garlic, and getting a lot of flak for it, from family members..But, I do really think that the sea salt is going to help me with my extremely bad dehydration problems..THANKS!

    I get really feverish when I try to do much, so I think I need to find an antiviral or something to deal with that..did you have that symptom?

    Have been havin to fight for my mother's health status, now..she is totally bedridden and they would not send us a nurse to take vital signs/bloodwork, but I think we have gotten that rectified..for how long, don't know..

    BTW, I am a tennis fan...Have you ever been to Wimbledon?
    Been watching a lot of tennis, lately...

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    My Comps playing up tonight - on a go slow.

    Sorry to hear your Doc`s leaving Town. - Just a thought, have you ever considered going to see a Nutritionalist?
    I keep hearing good reports from people who have been treated by them...

    I am about to start on a diploma course to become a Nutritional Practitioner, it`s amazing how many aspects are taken into account... - Not just food & Supps... Do an allergie test, look into past family illness etc.

    If you can find one that takes the holistic view I really feel this is the only avenue that will bring about a recovery, it`s not expensive either and would probably work out cheaper than buying all these supplements anyway.
    I say stuff the doctor...

    I never had the feverish symptoms, but then my illness was no where near as bad as you are so unfortunately I can`t help there, but will be delving to find out for you.

    I keep some Rock Salt in my little chicken egg cup right on my worktop to pick at anytime I am in the kitchen... Tastes quite nice.

    Sorry to hear about your Mum, you must be feeling very frustrated and stressed with concern. It`s not sounding good.

    Never been into tennis - not into any sport really, dead boring aren`t I?

    Just deleted my last post, what`s your E Mail addy?

    I`m still doing fine here thanks, it`s nice being able to go the day without struggling now - but still need to take a short nap around 4pm.

    Let me know what you think about the Nutritionalist thing.

    Love Pat.
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    I have been trying to find a wholistic doc, who can cover everything and knows about these DDS, too..went to one, here, whom did not help and seemed to take bad advantage of people's distress (one of the better docs I went to warned me about him, even though, he is listed as a good doc in this area) Even most docs, here, readily admit there are no CFS/FM docs in this area.

    CLD, also, indicates she gets feverish, too, after doing too really limits your ambition..and I need to be getting better, soon..

    BTW, PATPALMER, You are definitely NOT BORING!! I used to play tennis, but just watching it is really relaxing to me...
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    At last...

    Good specialists are like gold, such a shame - i`ll just have to get cracking so I can be more help to you... I so want to help.

    You can delete yours now, thanks.