Plaquenil vs. Prednisone

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    Hi All! I've read previous posts for plaquenil, prednisone, polymyalgia rheumatica, etc., but wanted to hear more. Side effects of both drugs - anyone? For some reason, when I switched regular doctors (live in very small town and wore out my other regular doc), new one didn't want me to take the plaquenil the rheumy (in big city) had prescribed and I had been taking for two years. I never had any side effects and felt much better all the way around. I was experiencing constant muscle pains/cramps/charlie horses in my arms between elbows and shoulders when rheumy prescribed it and it went away. Anyway, haven't taken it since January and my arms (and other places) hurt constantly. Had a bout of bronchitis and while on Prednisone, muscle aches went away completely. Mentioned this to new doc and he said we could try low dose of Prednisone, but it had a lot of side effects. Low dose of 10 mgs daily isn't working great, but does help somewhat. I really don't want to take the Prednisone and would rather go back to Plaquenil. Help!
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    I just went though a year and a half of PMR and it sure is no picnic. The Rhuematolgist has now cleared me of the PMR but as I still am not feeling right, he says I now have Fibromyalgia. So my symtoms may be better but not gone. Anyway back to the PMR, I took Prednisone for almost 1 1/2 years but as he had to put me on low doze he added the Plaquenil. The reason I could not handle the Prednisone is that I have tremor and the Prednisone really aggravates a tremor. Accually I started the Prednisone at 20 mg and that really helped the PMR right away. But of course after a couple of weeks I felt like I was on speed and that is when he started lowing the doze and added the Plaguenil. So what I am saying is that I took a lower doze of Prednisone with adding the Placguenil. The Doctor kept lowering the dose of Prednisone until I got down to 1 mg. Then off completely. So the bottom line is that I took both. Of course now I have another battle to fight and that is Fibromyalgia.
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    I have only taken the Predisone and I hate it b/c it gives me insomnia, increases appetite, nightmares, kills my stomach and of course can weaken your bones. I don't believe any of these apply to Plaquenil. My rheumy wants me to go on Plaquenil now and the thing with that is eye problems. You need to be checked twice a year I believe and you should be fine. If you search this site you will see other posts about the Plaquenil from people who have taken it.

    Go to and look up both under drug information and you should get a better idea about both and make a better educated decision.

    I hope this helps,


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