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    Hi, all.

    As many of you know, I have been encouraging people who have ME/CFS, or suspect that they do, to take the methylation pathways panel offered by the Health Diagnostics and Research Institute in New Jersey or its parent lab, the European Laboratory of Nutrients, in the Netherlands. I still like this panel a lot. It looks at the methylation cycle, the folate metabolism, and glutathione, all on one panel. I have often encouraged people, where feasible, to do some other testing as well, including a plasma amino acids test, because the two together complement each other and give more information.

    I now want to comment on the "Methylation Profile; plasma" that is offered by the Doctor's Data Lab in Illinois. This panel measures the following in the blood plasma: methionine, cysteine, SAMe, SAH, homocysteine, and cystathionine, and it also evaluates the SAMe to SAH ratio. It requires overnight fasting because of the effect of meals on the plasma levels. The nice thing about this panel is that it evaluates all four of the metabolites in the methylation cycle (methionine, SAMe, SAH and homocysteine) and both metabolites in the transsulfuration pathway (cystathionine and cysteine). It thus gives a picture of both these parts of the metabolism together. It doesn't supply all the data that can be obtained with the two panels I mentioned above (though they do not include homocysteine), but the cost would likely be less, and it will provide data that can be acted upon. It will show if there is a methylation deficit, it will indicate whether there is enough feed for the methylation cycle (methionine), and it will indicate whether there is adequate flow in the transsulfuration pathway.

    I have not seen the results of this panel for anyone with ME/CFS yet, but I would like to encourage you to consider it. As with the other panels I have suggested, I do not have any financial connection with this one. This is not a sales pitch, but information. With regard to the cost, I am not able to give you a number, because it depends on how much your doctor marks it up to cover his or her handling and interpretation of the results. So far, this panel is not being offered through DirectLabs dot com, so a doctor's order will be required.

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