plastic bottles leach toxins?

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    Hi All,

    I was searching on the net about which plastics are safe to drink from and re-use etc as I drink only out of plastic water bottles until now! Now I refill a high density polyethylene one with ozonated water.

    See link below that gives info on types of plastic you can re-use etc. From what I can see the PET (polyethylene) ones look bad to me - they are your average 500ml dirnking bottles so from now on I will just fill a glass up instead of buying plastic bottles - better for the environment too.

    It seems numbers in the triangles on the bottles - 2, 5 and 4 look generally safe to use. But have a look and make up your own minds.

    I will also ensure anyhting I microwave - which is rare for me anyway - not to microwave it in it's plastic container just in case.

    Thought this might interest some of you, the less chemicals for us the better!

    It's crazy that we have to do all this research because humans have gone too far modernized and now we don't know what we can eat or what we can't. I'm sure this is why there are so many unexplained illnesses.

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    Imagine what they leach with Mountain Dew inside...Yummy!

    I visit a local farmers market weekly and you can tell who the farmers are...they all drink from Ball glass jars with metal lids...They are not concerned about the lil ones breaking them cause they have taught them how to hold them and what the dangers of dropping them are...How about that for parenting?

    One more interesting tidbit...the only people that were drinking from plastic bottles or had Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts coffees were those that were there from the local hospital, they sponsor the event...This is the same hospital that almost took my life...Quality care and quality people...

    Wake up people, we are being poisoned everywhere you turn.
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    The small Ball glass jars are too small and the large ones are too large but the middle size one is the right size, volume wise but too big for my hand to fit around it. So I have been buying jam jars with a nice mug-like handle. I can screw the metal lid on there so I don't spill since I am not as graceful as one before.

    I haven't used plastic (even wrap) in the micro for years. Leaches all sorts of stuff out.

    (just now got a micro again, got rid of it years ago but have broken down due to the convenience).


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    Everything you use has toxins if it's man made. Glass used to have lead in it and lots of glasses still do. I would not worry about the toxins in microwaved plastic as the microwave itself is giving off toxins.

    Unless you want to research everything you touch or use, be sure toxins are part of your daily life. Only way around it is to grow your own food.