Platelets and WBC dangerously low. What now?

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    Spent a totally useless weekend in the hospital with a totally clueless doctor. I had developed a high fever, but nothing else. Just the usual bone weariness. Two CT scans, blood cultures, xray, flu test, urinalysis all negative. Platelets are 30, AND low too. Asked if I had had chemotherapy (oh, you can do that at home now? I had no idea! Like my records wouldn't SHOW that?) All the doctor could determine was the counts and wanted to know why. I said I had an autoimmune disease and he asked which one. When I said fibromyalgia he said all the usual granola. So I told him to come up with a better idea. He could not.

    So I have been using my new Nutribullet and mixing healthy antioxidants together, lots of greens, kale, carrots, nuts, seeds and wheat grass and exercising. What else builds up immunity? Any shops besides my Grapeseed, but d, liver formula, joint formula and probiotics? Am I missing something?

    Soft hugs,
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    I could not help but laugh about the chemo at home line. But I am so sorry for what you are going through. I have been reading about Lupus lately.....sometimes a flare comes with unexplained fever.....would a fibro flare? I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but no one (doctor) has ever told me it is an autoimmune disease. I also read about platelets and lupus....but can't remember what i read. So much information and a bad memory.

    Have you tried Olive Leaf Extract? I am on a low dose and have heard many, many great things about it. I am basically on the same path you are at this point as far as nutrition and exercise....juicing, green smoothies. Tons of greens and kale. Do you have a specific brand of grape seed extract you use?

    What other diet-type stuff are you doing? Maybe we can help each other.

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    Hi Stacey,

    Sorry you have been feeling so bad and the Dr isn't able to give you answers.

    I think you are wise to eat/drink all those good nutrients/antioxidants. How much Vit D do you take? I took 10,000 IU for 3 years and now I take 5,000 IU daily. Do you take Omega 3's?

    Is the Dr doing anything for you at all considering your low counts?

    This is just a thought...

    Many of us here have found out we have one or more tick-borne infections that caused our symptoms.

    Ehrlichia can cause low WBC's and low platelets, along with fever, fatigue, muscle aches, etc. Many people are infected for years without realizing the actual cause.

    You can read about Ehrlichia here:

    Also, see pages 25 and 27 of this paper:
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    Is there any way you can see a different doctor? THat might solve everything! :) (I'm sure you would if you could.) There are so many possibilities about your low numbers, but here are a couple of suggestions.

    Some things you might check out are your MCV (mean corpuscular volume) on the CBC (comprehensive blood count). When you talked about usual bone weariness, I immediately thought of B12 and/or folate deficiency. If your MCV is on the high side, EVEN THOUGH WITHIN THE NORMAL RANGE, it can indicate a B12 and/or folate deficiency.

    I had been taking B12 in various forms for many years with no noticeable increase in energy. But when a doctor finally pointed out to me that my MCV was high (just about hte top of the normal range), it could indicate macrocytic anemia due to folate or B12 deficiency. I started taking metafolin (biologically active form of folate) and my energy started to pick up almost immediately. This also increased my need for potassium and I had to start taking potassium as well (400 mg. a day). I'm currently taking 1600 mcg. of metafolin (two 800 mcg. tabs) a day, in divided doses.

    On-line research says that B12 and folate are needed for proper white cell production.

    Folic acid is synthetic. If your MCV is high, don't use folic to try to fix it. Folic acid can actually cause a folate deficiency as it competes for absorption with folate, and many people cannot convert folic acid to a form useable by hte body.

    If you do start taking folate, make sure you're also taking enough B12, as folate alone can mask a B12 deficiency.

    Also, you might try adding in B6 in the form of P-5-P - this increased my energy as well, and this is needed for white cell production.

    Good luck, Stacey - I hope you get some answers soon!

    Best wishes,

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    Stacey, exactly what supplements are you taking ?

    Platelets and WBCs can fall dramatically in some people if they take too many of certain supplements.
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    any autoimmune disease can produce a fever, particularly during flares.
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    Horay, back to my old laptop! Seems my Kindle Fire has the ghost of my second grade teacher lurking in it!

    Supplements, oh boy. Take a deep breath, here goes!

    Grape seed 100mg, Vit C 1000, Vit D3 10,000, Magenesium 400, Alive! Whole Food Multi-Women's 50+

    The complexes:

    Joint RX: Glucosamine, Phellodendren, Chondroitin, Hops, Boswelia, Turmeric, Naringen 1200mg

    Liver RX: Milk Thistle, Picorhiza Kurroa Extract, Schisandra, Glycyrrhizia Root, Bergamot

    Glucozene RX: Lagerostremia Speciosa, Green Tea, D-Ribose, D-Pinnotol, Guggul, Gymnema Sylvestre, Chromium Picolinate

    My morning Nutriblast consists, usually, of whatever fruit I have (mango, banana, grapes, oranges, blueberries, strawberries) and carrot, spinach, broccoli, kale, tomato and celery.

    Lunch is another Nutriblast, soup this time. Dinner is chicken or fish, salad, steamed veggie. I love the Cascade flavored sparkling water. No sugar and no calories, but I feel like I am having a soda (which used to be my downfall. I LOVED Coke!)

    If I'm vitamin deficient, I don't know in what. MCV was good last time, potassium good, glucose at <6, which is good for a diabetic.

    I also take 75mg of Lyrica, Nadolol, Losartin and Ambien. I can't do without any of them. Yes, I HAVE tried getting off Ambien. I've tried every sleep aid known to mankind and have given them a fair shot, not just one night. I get 12 hours of good sleep. I'm not complaining!

    I can't get an appointment with my doctor until next Friday and by then this will be ancient history! I wish I COULD find another doctor, but the problem there is, this is Soldotna, AK. Or, to give you an idea, on weekends there is ONE doctor, an internist, ON CALL for the ENTIRE hospital! When I was there, there was NO DOCTOR in the entire hospital! If you get sick, or a patient gets worse, they must medivac them to Anchorage. We have no trauma center in the entire state. Some villages don't even have a doctor. Come on vacation, have fun, see the beauty, DON'T GET SICK!

    Soft hugs,
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    Whenever you have a high fever, that can throw off all your blood counts. Once you feel better the doctor should draw the blood again and do the same lab tests through the original laboratory the ones where you had the high fever done at.

    The tests after the fevers are gone will be a better determinator of what if anything is really wrong. Many times blood panels go back to normal after fevers and infections.

    How do you like that bullet? I have thought of getting one. Do they mix well?

    Hugs, MicheleK
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    The shakes are easy to make, the cup is easy to handle and best of all it's easy to clean. It comes with two cups, with lids you can screw on and take it with you. It's got a blade for milling nuts too, so you can add raw nuts to your blast. Mixing is smooth, fast and even. I'm going to start adding wheatgrass powder to my morning shake. I know that always made me feel good and gave me good energy!
  10. MicheleK

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    Thanks. I am going to "bite the bullet" and buy one. LOL
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    Several of the supplements you are taking can cause platelets and WBC's to significantly drop. Your platelets are close to being dangerously low.

    What medical reasons are you taking Vit C 1000mg and Vit D3 10,000 IU ?

    When you see a doctor show them a list of all the supplements and foods you eat regularly, they need to have this information in front of them to enable them to make an informed diagnosis.