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    Does anyone out there have high or low blood platelets in your lab work? My FMS/CFS M.D. says mine are always high, never in the normal range.Actually, I remember an M.D. telling me I had a high platelet count 20 years ago...and that was the extent of it.

    Anyway, I have to make an appt. with a hemotologist to look at this with a specialist.

    Please share. Thanks

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    Hi Barb,

    I've had low platelets for over 20 years, in the early days they'd keep dropping to single figures for a while but better than that now. Mine go down most when sed rate high.

    Being in the UK no one looked into why, I just think it's part of these DDs for me.

    High or low platelets do seem to occur in a lot of us.

    Have a few related problems now and then but on the whole it's not a problem. But not sure what score is with more platelets.

    Hope you get some useful feedback on this.



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    My circadian rhythm's are completely out of sync. Went to wedding today, took some pics before body and brain ready for the challenge so felt awful. Managed to hang on for a while then friend drove me home.

    Now I've had a sleep and have no doubt shifted my circle even further in the wrong direction.

    It was useful getting dhea and cortisol 24 hour tests done because they made so much sense of this. The hot weather reactions this year highlighted this and a lot of problems, yet more to sort out: sighhhhh.

    Did send an e-mail last week which didn't go through. Have just tried again today.

    Take care now.


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    is our body's 24 hour cycle. A lot of us were, or have beome, more active in the evenings and less so in the mornings. In Norwegian friend tell me in Norway they classify people as A and B types. A types are the early birds, B types are night birds.

    In more recent years this has had a progressivelty more adverse effect upon me and I seem to have got into some catch 22 situations regarding other problems I have and which a recent heatwave brought to light.

    My disrupted cycle was confirmed by a 24 hour saliva test measuring DHEA and cortisol levels.

    I cope better at the moment if I acknowledge this disruption and work around them. Big problem is when I need to do stuff in the morning and early afternoon.

    So that's it really. Interestingly a post a while back asked how many were night birds and a lot of replies indicated it's very common in these DDs.


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    I was diagnosed with essential thrombocytosis in April and was on Agrylin. I saw my hemotologist today and complained of shortness of breath and high pulse rate. My liver test have more than doubled. Anyway, he took me off Agrylin and gave me an rx for Hydrea. I start taking it tomorrow. Keep track of your test results. I have all my results on a spreadsheet so I can compare them each time I have them done. I was able to show my dr. that my liver tests were way high from normal in April. Mine were 795 when my primary dr. sent me a a hemotologist.

    You really should have a hemotologist look at them. E.
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    count was on the high side of normal, but the doctor didn't seem to be too concerned by it. I read your bio and you said in there that you are trying for a disability retirement from the Board of Education. I also worked for a school district and tried for the work related disability retirement so that I could receive my benefits, insurance, etc. If you want to discuss this more, give me a post. By now, maybe you've already been successful.