Played Pool Volleyball Yesterday

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Since not feeling well, I've not been over to the pool for the "Cocoon Club" exercises. They are very tame and targeted to seniors but they do keep one limber. I'm sore today because I haven't been exercising.

    We just got pool volleyball equipment and did a little practicing after the exercising. Well, it was a blast! Only problem I had was sunscreen running into my eyes (can't stand hats). I'll have to buy a very wide headband so I don't have to wear the sunscreen above my eyes. I have big sunglasses so all I will have to worry about is the rest of my face and neck. I also put it on my chest because that is vulnerable to burning. I didn't get sunburned but I did put the sunscreen on my arms too.

    We found out that we can't move to the ball so will have to have at least four, and six would be better, per side in order to get a game going. People on the back line cannot get under the ball to set it up for the front line either. So, we will have to get used to the changes and probably ignore some rules but who cares? We will be having fun and that's worth its weight in gold.

    For me, this was a test to see whether I can tolerate the exercise and sun. I'm doing a bit better but fatigue is still an issue. My temp has been normal, or close to it, for about a week now and that's good news. Today will tell whether I can recover from yesterday. So far, so good.

    I got my hair cut really short on Thurs. in preparation for getting wet a lot. I like it short as it's soooo easy to care for. Also, with the Sjogren's, the oil glands do not work and my hair is dry. With it short, it doesn't get as damaged. When the SS was so bad, my hair was actually crunchy. AACK!

    Water seems to be such a good place for us whether its pool exercises, swimming or just hanging on a foam noodle. Hanging on the noodle in the deep end, with it under one's chin and hanging on with the hands on either side, gets the lymph glands draining. Putting it under the chin gets the neck and underarm lymph nodes draining. It's the pressure and movement of the water which does the trick.

    Love, Mikie
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    I watch it over and over. Just wish the aliens would drop a couple of those cocoons into the pool to energize it and us. One of the nice things about living in a warm climate is being able to use the outdoor pool all year round. I'm a Cancer, a water sign, and I love the water whether it's the pool or the beach. Also, we have a pond out behind our bldg. and it has all kinds of wildlife in it and around it. I love the croaking of the bullfrogs in the evening. Some of the wildlife does get a tad noisy very early in the morning and sometimes, they wake me up. The pond has a nice fountain in the middle which the ducks love. All in all, I feel very blessed to be here.

    I am a bit tired today and took a nice deep nap this afternoon. Wish exercise and sun gave me energy but that's not realistic considering what ails me. Still, I figure it's probably good for me.

    Love, Mikie
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    I love playing in water... it's so soothing on my body!

    When I head to the pool, I bring nerf-like balls to throw around, that skip across the top of the water to make for more fun, and I get a rather large group of kids and adults who join in to play with me! Loads of fun, especially when you turn your back and they hit you in your head, lmao! It's quite the laugh! But even more fun to get em back! = : D

    If I lived down south like you do, I'd be in the pool a few times per week. I suppose I can up here, but it's not as fun freezing my behind off in the locker room as they like to cut costs of energy, and then freezing to my car and into my place again. WI has 2 seasons: 2 months of Summer and then 10 months of Winter.

    Fight ;)