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    Hi there
    don't want to complain, but I am so very tired, in Pain and can be very fearful at time which I know is unGodly. I have been so abused by people in the medical field and by friends and family due to the fibro. One friend told me my husband would leave me for another woman because no man wants to be around someone who is sick and tired all the time. ( I always try to hide the pain from others and when I'm tired I just keep going, until no ones around.) Please simply pray that I might have the favor of man and the kindness and understanding in the medical field. PLEASE PRAY THAT THEY WOULD NOT WITH HOLD PAIN MEDS FROM ME.(NOT YELLING, JUST HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST PROBLEM AND FEAR) that the wisdom of God would be there for me and that the holy spirit would go before me and make the crooked places straight
    thank you
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    Dear Lord, Please be with Lisa during this difficult time in her life. Take her hand and walk with her, let her feel your presence beside her. Give her the comfort,peace, and strength to endure. Lift her up high and heal her from the pain and gring her closer to you Lord. I ask of you to guide her to a Dr. that will show her compassion, as we all need, and guide this Dr. to bring Lisa some relief from her pain. I ask this in Jesus name, amen.

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    I am so sorry you are having such an awful time. I will surely keep you in my prayers, and also pray that others will have the Spirit of the Lord over shadow them that they not treat you in this ugly way.

    My husband has been with me now for 31 years, for over 20 of them I have been ill with FM and all that goes with it.

    He is still here, and so will your husband be there for you also.

    Perfect love casts out fear.

    I will keep you in prayer every night dear lady.

    God's blessings going out to your right now........

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. NewEnglander

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    Hi there
    to all who prayed,thank you for speaking life into my situation, your prayers brought tears to my eyes, I guess that's what happens when you hold things in. I trust in the Lord but I am stilling working on building me up spriritualy by getting into the word.
    Shirl, thanks for sharing that info on your marriage, that gave me so much hope and I believe my husband will also stand by me. with the help of the Lord of course.
    God Bless and thanks for the 10,000 prayers. smile
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    Praying for you as you requested. I`m sure your husband loves you very much and won`t leave you just because your ill. That was so mean of your friend to say that. I know what you mean about having to hide having this illness. I am lucky that my husband is understanding about it. Other people just don`t understand however so I keep it to my self except for here. Its so sad that we have to feel that way.

    Hope things get easier for you soon.
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    I know I am a little late in my reply, have been on here reading and praying for the requests, but have not had time to reply, now I am playing catch up! It is so very sad that someone would tell you that your husband would leave you because you are sick! I'm sure this only made you feel worse. I believe that some out there take wedding vows too lightly. I for one vowed to love my hubby no matter what comes, good or bad and that included sickness too! I took those vows before God to heart and I have to believe that my hubby did too. Still praying that the Lord will bless you in all of your needs!