**Please act to keep Vit. D testing covered by insurance**

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  1. zenouchy

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    Hi All,

    This info is on the front page of vitamindcouncil.org. Insurance companies and Medicare are considering not covering Vitamin D testing. There are two emails to send---one to Medicare and one to Dr. Kimball, who is on the AMA board. Please see below or go to the website directly (whichever is easier). It is well worth your time and will take only about 5 minutes! THANK YOU!

    Warm wishes,


    NOTEWORTHY NEWSPROPOSED RESTRICTIONS ON VITAMIN D TESTING Soon, Medicare's newly proposed guidelines for restrictions on vitamin D testing will be adopted by every major insurance company in the country.The restrictions would forbid screening, the most important use of the test. This means that although vitamin D deficiency treatment is still covered, your doctor will not be able to order the test to find out if you suffer from low vitamin D in the first place!

    We encourage people to send their comments to Medicare by filling out this form on their website [(www.highmarkmedicareservices.com/policy/form-comments.html) Website provided by Erika.] When filling out the form, the proposal's LCD number is DL30273. The name of the proposal is "Vitamin D Assay Testing."If you would rather send a letter, which is more effective, sent it to:
    Ms. Anna Gene Risoldi
    Senior Research Analyst
    Highmark Medicare Services
    1800 Center Street, 1AL3
    Camp Hill, PA 17089

    Comments may also be sent to Dr. Daniel B. Kimball, Jr. at drdankimball@gmail.com. He is on the AMA board that is reviewing this policy.
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    I recently went to an endocrinologist and she tested my Vitamin D level among many other things. I was extremely deficient and have been taking 5000iu every day for one week, then down to three times a week. She will re-test in a couple of months.

    I haven't noticed any improvement in the way I feel, but it's got to be better for my body to not have virtually no Vitamin D.

    I have already had skin cancer, have never liked being in the sun, and am as pale in September as I am in February.

    I will be acting on your suggestions. To reimburse treatment of the problem but refuse to pay for diagnosis of the problem is back-asswards. Reminds me of the days when Medicare would pay for oral meds for diabetes and for insulin, but not for test strips!
  3. zenouchy

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    Let's keep this thread bumped. I'm going to be out of town for awhile, but I'll check in when I get back. Jam, always great to talk to hear from you and talk to you. I know you're a true believer in Vitamin D like I am. nink, are you taking Vitamin D3? Vitamin D3 is most easily absorbed by the body.

    Thank you both very much for contacting these people. I really think it makes a difference.

    Have a great day and feel good,

  4. nink

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    No, it's not Vitamin D3. It's just prescription Vitamin D 5000 iu.

    I feel in my bones (pun intended) that this is not the best course of treatment for me. I don't have the energy to research what should really be done. I don't have the energy to fight with this doc whom I will probably see one more time, tops. Maybe I will be able to talk with my primary care doc and pursue another course of action.

    There are personal health/medical factors that I have to take into account. I'm not comfortable posting them on any board. I have become quite untrusting of internet security and privacy - you probably know that I delete most of my posts within 24 hours or so. I would love to pick your brain, but without more info, you would be wasting your time and expertise, so I don't want to do that.

    I guess the best thing I can say is that you have made me aware that there is a problem with the endocrinologist's plan and that I need, when I have the energy to do so, to do the research and present it to my pcp if guidance, further monitoring of blood levels, and/or a scrip is needed.

    That's the best I can do right now. My plate is full with other caregiving responsibilities. :-(

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