Please add my family to your prayers

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    I dont ask this often - probably not often enough! - but I am asking for help here. I need all the prayers I can get right now. Im lost and feel alone.

    Several months ago we found out 15 yo dd was stealing our pain meds and taking them to school. Long story short, counseling, missed school and she promised to change friends and things sort of "normaled out".

    On New Years Eve, we get a call from dd's boyfriends mother asking to talk to her son as he was staying at my house! I said no, we havent heard from him for several days and she said she heard from friends of the kids he was staying in my basement (dopnt have one) or my dd's closet!

    Cpme to find out he had been there for 4 days already and we had no idea!! 5 dogs in the house and not one made a sound! I really wanted to shoot them all I was so mad! They are supposed to be here for protection!!

    At first dd denied it but as we were confronting her he bailed out her window to leave her to face the music alone. Now, police called, restraining order in effect that he has already broken twice!! (him threatening - physical and to take her away), court appearances, took dd out of schhol to home school, drs. appts. (pregnancy, aids, std's, hepatitis, etc), mental health counseling for her at first then family, and Im sure there are things I hav emissed.

    I need your prayers that we are doing the right thing here. We have no idea what we are doing, but have the full backing of counselors, judges, police, schhol officials adn everyone else we talk to about this. She is furious of course as she thinks we dont know what we are doing but hopefully with counseling she can see the errors here.

    I need prayers that He will she me the way to go and how to do this and that she opens her eyes and sees the light.

    Thanks you all for any help. GEntle hugs to you ~ Toni

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    Dear Toni, your story is not unfamiliar to me, I have a friend going through a similar crisis, but it has been ongoing and now he is 21.

    I have been listening to this friend and hearing her broken heart for years, things have only gotten worse as this kids father is a push over.

    I ask the good Lord to give you the strength you need to deal with the situation today, as it gets worse if it isn't lead to some resolve.

    I have no suggestions for how you should proceed, but I would listen to those professionals who know.

    Heavenly Father, please be with Toni and her family. Please lead them out of this house of horrors and mend them in body and spirit. Please give them the strength to keep their foot wherever they decide to put it... and keep it firmly in place.

    Toni , please put yourself or your daughter on the prayer list. We pray on Thursday nights, so be sure to do it today, and keep doing it each week, as this is an on going situation you need help with.

    I wish I had sage wisdom and a magic wand both, but all I can offer is my prayers that will guide and help you.

    Please feel free to post as often as you need. If you need to write here at the worship board each day, then do it. Many people will pray, but not all have the ability to reply, so dont' get discouraged if you have few replies.

    God bless you. Dear Lord, hear our prayer.
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    Sending prayers up for you and your family. Hang in there, teens are tough to deal with.