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    please / advice/ info/ experince/ needed desperately 01/25/03 02:39 PM

    well you know Zach is sppose to have surergy on Monday. i just talk to one of the doc she said the gastriol tube was not ordered, since he loves his bottles so much they are going to try it w/o/it.

    the problem....... one of the nurses that is closest to zach and christa told her in confidentially last night. that she was totally opposed to the trache. she said because Zach is on Medicaid they were just trying to get
    him out of the hospital sooner. that if one little hair got caught inthee it could give him. so now my daughter and the dad (MATT) are not going to sign for the surergy. i really feel inmy heart it is best for Zach. i am very upset. thse docs have fought to keep zach alive for 51/2 months i do not believe they would do anything to endanger Zach now.

    also i have talk to all the respitory people on his case. they say it will be the best thing for him. and he will really thrive after all that stuff is off his face.

    the last baby that they gave one to they waited longer and he eally got depressed. he is over 2 now. and doing great.
    i am fixing to look up everything i can on the computer. so i will know what to feel. but i fell in my heart it will be best
    but i need facts to show his parents
    i know a couple of you have been nurses.
    i can use any advise or information you can help me with.
    or if you find any sites for me to look at.
    thanks kathyre

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    Please tell us when he's better.
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    Please let us know how Zach is doing.Did he have surgery and is all coming along well. Maybe you posted this some where else and I missed it. You are in my prayers and thoughts God Bless Danisue
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    Just came across your post. Zach is doing wonderfully and there's info about him on the chitchat board. Yesterday he had a real breakthrough. Jo Ellen