Please advise I'm applying for disability

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    My main question is should I use allsup or try on my own? Which one is faster? I can't go without working for two years. I'll have to find something, get fired, find something else, get fired, etc. I have contacted allsup but haven't signed anything. They said that it would be more difficult for me since I'm still young. I have applied before but that was 6 years ago and I did it on my own. I was denied. I have since added several more fun diseases to my resume. Any advice would help. Thanks in advance. Amy
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    I used Allsup and was very pleased. The nice thing is, they help you fill out the paperwork over the phone. You have to remember that your original application follows you through the entire case. If you missed something or did not word it right it may come back to bite you. They know what is needed, and even help you think of some things that you might not have thought of that are important.
    The other thing I would do is get Nolos Guide to Social Security Disability. It is an important book to have and you will use it throughout your case. It explains everything that is needed and what SS is looking for. Well worth the money. Good luck.

    M J
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    I would really suggest doing a search for a Yahoo group called Disinissues (disability insurance issues) and signing up with the group. I believe you need to have a Yahoo email address, alhtough you don't have to use it. Also, take the time to click on and read the 'Files' on the main page because there's lots of good information there. The group is mostly for people with CFS/FM or other invisible disabilities.

    I've been on the list for a little while and several people have posted their thanks for the advice and information they received there, which helped them to successfully apply.

    Good luck!
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    I wouldnt try it yourself, no way!
    Use ALSUP first, if they cant help you than get a lawyer----ALSUP has a good track record and are understanding....

    I have spoken about my friend who has been going back and forth to the courts and each judge says NO, you are not disabled. ALSUP is still with her and encourages her to fight on
    It has been now 8 years and she still cant get Social Security Benefits. Yeap 8 years, the record is 12 years of a woman I knew, she did get it after 12 years of courts and judges.

    It all depends on the judge more than your age.

    If she had a lawyer it would of cost her some big bucks but ALSUP hasnt charged her a cent.
    Wish you the best..GAVI

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