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    Please read Shannonsparkles thread called CFS specialist says I'm too sick to come in.

    She needs someones help and advice and I do not know or understand your medical system.

    Will you please read her post and see if you can help?

    Thank you. She really needs someone.
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    like that, it's scary, but it's not the end of the world. There are social workers to help with this kind of thing. I live in Quebec, where local health clinics can refer you to one.

    It's hard to find a doctor that makes housecalls in Canada, but if you are very sick you can get one, or worse comes to worse pay a private one to make a housecall.

    She or her father needs to call whoever the local health authority is, to inquire about a social worker or private doctors. It is different from province to province though.

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    on her thread after seeing this one. You are so thoughtful to draw this to the attention of Canadians!

    I live in Ontario and health is a provincial matter. The solutions that we have here in Ontario may or may not be available in Alberta where Shannon lives. Then again, there might be lots more available in Alberta. It would really help if the Albertans out there would check out her thread.

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    Thank you for replying to her. I'm sure that she appreciates it and I certainly do.

    She is in a bad way now and needs some help.

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    I was just watching something about it, how they need to build back up their services because they made so many cuts to get debt free. I've seen Albertans on other boards talking about how if you are sick or poor Alberta is about the worst place to be.

    I'm offering up prayers.

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    With the booming economy out there and the rebates given to every citizen, surely there was some left over to improve the health care system. Sounds like misdirection of funds to me.

    I wonder how the Home Care system is working there. It has to be better than in Ontario now.

    I have a neighbour who goes to Calgary for anything medical because he can be seen so much more quickly there. And he thinks that the doctors there are better. But that may be only for people like him with lots of $$$.

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    SHANNON SHANNON!!! 08/25/06 08:34 PM

    Listen UP!!!!!!!!!! There are provisions I just found out through government. I just got someone to come in and help with housework 2 hours every two weeks and it's geared to income. Also if you need more they come in and prepare meals and bathe you etc. You could have one in all day while your family is at work. They will do just what you ask them to. Seeing as you have NO income you might not have to pay anything. I have a large home and can no longer do housework so this little bit of help is tremendous and if I get worse they will do more. Please call me and I will give you the number of the case worker. Shes awesome and will get you the help you need.

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    Thanks, I just e-mailed you for more info. I'm afraid I couldn't find your phone number.
    ((ty)) Shannon
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    Thank you so much for coming to Shannon's aid. I learned a great deal about the Canadian health's confusing but most things confuse me now.

    I hope she follows your advice. It sounds as if she has some good options.

    Again thanks to all of our Canadian friends and lets not forget all the people from the US that wanted to help.
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    Thank you. I was imaging you romping through the woods with your friend and dogs. Are you still going?

    My daughter and I have male Chocolate Labs that are brothers. It so strange but they seem to know that.
    They do not see each other often but you would not believe how happy they are when they do.