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    I thought I would ask all of you to find Oprah and Dr Phils emails (actually the program director) and bombard them with what fm is, I sent the following to both. Many of you have seen it before but there are those that haven't. I hope we get some press!

    When taken as prescribed by your doctor, opioids are among the safest drugs available.

    Oxycontin, like other opioids, is safe for patients who take their medicine as prescribed. “Oxycontin deaths” occur in habitual substance abusers, not patients, and are usually the result of combining the drug with overdoses of alcohol and other drugs. These are deaths associated with Oxycontin, not caused by it, and they are not occurring in patients.


    Opioids can be discontinued whenever they are no longer needed. Patients often recover from chronic pain, and return to active lives.


    Opioid addiction in pain patients is extremely rare. Addiction is defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine as, continued use in spite of harm. If opioids make your life better by controlling pain, you are a pain patient. If they make your life worse, and you continue to use them, you are an addict.


    For most patients, their dose remains stable over long periods of time.


    When opioids are taken on a regular schedule, tolerance quickly develops, and the psychological “high” goes away, leaving the user feeling completely normal. Long-term opioid users, as a group, have driving records for accidents and violations that are the same as everyone else’s. Oxycontin is a time released medication, it doesn’t give high’s, because it is time released it is released into the system evenly and does not give that high/low feeling.


    No. Opioids improve functioning by reducing pain levels. They don’t remove all the pain, or the ability to perceive new pain.


    You may. Dependence means that if opioids are abruptly discontinued you will have a physical withdrawal reaction, similar to having the flu. This reaction can be prevented by gradually tapering off the medication. Dependence is a physical phenomenon, not a sign of addiction.


    This should not prevent a trial of opioids. Studies at Harvard Medical School and the University of Washington indicate that a past history of substance abuse has little predictive value for failure of opioid treatment. If you have current behavioral or substance abuse problems, you may have trouble with opioid treatment.


    Constipation, nausea, itching, insomnia, and drowsiness commonly occur. All of these side effects can be successfully managed


    No. Opioids occur naturally in the body, and are not harmful to any organ system. They can be taken safely for a lifetime, if necessary. Anti-inflammatory non-opioid medications such as Motrin, Naprosyn, and Vioxx, on the other hand, kill 16,500 patients each year through bleeding from the stomach, and are toxic to the liver and kidneys.


    The amount that allows optimal functioning is the correct dose. There is no upper limit to the dose of opioids that can be safely used, when the medicine is increased gradually.


    He is too scared. As part of the War on Drugs, law enforcement is conducting a witch hunt against pain doctors who prescribe opioids compassionately. Most physicians won’t risk being targeted by law enforcement, because they have families to support. As a result, chronic pain sufferers have become non-combatant casualties in the war on drugs.


    The idea that one opioid is more addictive than another is a misconception. The prevalence of opioid addiction runs far below that for other common drugs of abuse, such as tobacco, and alcohol. This is not for lack of exposure either, because 23,000,000 people have surgery each year, and most receive opioids afterwards. The fact is, most people don't like opioids, and this is borne out by experiments at NIDA, and mentioned in textbooks.

    There are clearly differences in preferences expressed by people who pursue opioids for the psychological reward they experience. So far, this is not borne out by the scientific literature, but anecdotal evidence really leaves little doubt.

    The mistake often made, is using this preference observation to jump to the conclusion that one opioid, such as Oxycontin, is more addictive than another. The flaw in this reasoning is the extrapolation that because there are preferences for specific opioids within the population of abusers, this means that certain opioids can cast some sort of evil spell over the rest of us. This simply isn't the case. The fact remains that most human beings still aren't inclined to abuse opioids.

    I agree with your observation that oxycodone is more effective in the treatment of pain than many other opioids. It seems to be the case, that the more effective opiods are also those preferred for their psychological effects. For the reasons discussed above, this would not be a problem for the field of pain management, except that doctors are blamed for not preventing abusers, who would find a source of opioids anyway, from getting what they prefer.

    The phenomenon of tolerance prevents chronic pain sufferers from experiencing the psychological rewards that abusers pursue. Paradoxically, they take too much, to be able to get high.

    Frank B. Fisher, MD

    Our Chronic Pain Mission
    Copyright 2000
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    Thanks for sharing the article with us; however, I would pass it along to Oprah, but not Dr. Phil - I just don't trust him discussing anything I would want him to - I would be afraid that he would just turn the info all around and make it sound like what you didn't want it to!!! Does that make sense?
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    What you just wrote in your post wast the very words my doctor told me at my last visit. HE is very worried that doctrs are so scared to prescribe opaites that when they do they prescribe to little to help the pt.

    What also has him very worried is that there are so many add.soon TV now promting the use of tylenoyl and you can over dose on it quicker than you think and IT CAUSES LIVER, PANCREAS, AND KIDNEY DAMAGE SOME OF WHICH CAN KILL YOU.
    I have not heard one statement on any ad's on TV the ADvil or Tyelonyl wil cause liver damage and some will even cause stomache damage too. But none of this is mentioned , it is like there are no other meds taht will worka s well as tyelonyl and advil Wrong answer these are bad for you ad will and can cause so much more damage then people think.

    I am sorrry if I sould like I am being bossy but about 10 years ago a young woman I knew who was only in her 30's at the time died from taking tyelnyl for her back pain and she had taken to many of them not all at once but over time. It did not relieve her pain so she would take another and it al ike all mediseicne can cause a dependancy on them even iif it is a mental one. I would hate for that to happen so some one who is here thining that it is safer to take the tyeloynl than to take the oxycontin or MS Contin.

    BE smart when your taking pain pills even the over the counter ones they do more damage than you think. Ask your doctor about other meds taht you can take that don't have these meds in them or use the lowest dose you can.

    What this doctor said is also in that AMA the americaan mecial jouranls like Jama. TAlk to your pharmaists too they know what a gooood amout is and what is not. Thanks for printing that artical.
    Bbut I swear that you must have been a fly on the wall as when you posted werer the exact words that my pain doctor told me two weeks ago. thanks for showing others that it is not BAD to take narcotics and that you won't get ADDICTED to them either. I wish that I could print this article but I
    can't get it to print tonight .
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    I am not on such, but never know and it takes my fears away from it.

    This was a great article to post. Also a great one to send to Oprah. I hope they pick it to do a show on.

    Thanks for all......
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    Exactly !!
    My pain management Dr. is an anesthesiologist.
    He won't give oxy, but he gives morphine, (didn't help me)
    he allows me 10mg of Methadone (opiate/narcotic) at intervals between 8-12 hours within 24 hrs. 30mg in 24 hours is all that is needed, with Vicodin as a breakthrough pain management. I am accountable for each pill !
    this management has saved my life !
    My Doctor is NOT getting the support he needs by other Doctors, cause they fear lawsuits so much from "dopers"
    it's not the medication, it's the person who wants to "get some unusual feeling" that is making things miserable for those of us who truely live with chronic pain.
    This seems to be a never ending story, as it took me nearly 20 years to be in the care of such a brilliant Doctor.
    I ask you?- who better to prescribe pain control, then an anesthesiologist! They know their business or they would not be so well learned. What would we do without them in an operating room?

    Thank you to DR. Fisher MD
    Thank you to DR. Mayerson MD
    and all the other Doctors who are paving the way & truely caring for people who suffer! THANK YOU Mermaid.
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    I was at my pain doctors aboaut two weeks ago and he said almost to the word that was said on the post are opiods dangerous. I have family who belive that I am addicted to my pain meds becuase I am on some very stong pain pills. Like MSContin , MSIR { Morphine Instant release} And I am not addicted to them , YEs I am dependant them for the control of the intence pain I have.

    I also asked my doctor if I was addicted and he just laughed at me as I had just told him to NOT give me the ususal perscription of MSContion as I had not been taking the entire doesage of this med and I had enough for a month and didn't want to be accused of " Hoarding my meds" So he did as I asked and I didn't get the prescription but that is fine as I have a whole month s worth of it as I had been taking less of it as my pain had eased for two months , { that was in the summer when it was warm not now when I am frezzing}

    HE told me that if I had a addidction I would not take less then I have been prescribed & I would be asking him for more , inbetween appointments. I don't do any of this. And I take less when the pain is less and the amount prescribed when the pain is worse. But I don't take more than I am prescribed ever , I don't call and ask for more.

    My doctor told me I am not addicted as I don't show the signs of it . I have always been to my appointments,part of his requuirements are that you wil see 1 doctor {HIM} and you will go to { 1 pharmacy } and if you don't you will not be seeing this doctor as these are his rules they are much longer than the two I mentioned. So to know that I have same problems that I started with and once and a while when I get really { Gracefull and tripp and fall} some thing new on my chart but when it heals the extra meds stop to. I started seeing him just over 3 years ago, I like him so much as he didn't tell me that I was nuts for telling him I hae fibro.

    WE went through my chart this last visit and if you looked at it you would find that i have the same chronic pain issues , fibromyaligia, Chronic Meyofacial pain syndrome, degenerative disc diease, arthritis in my knees and left wrist,spinal stenosis, 2 bulging disc in the Lumbar region.

    For some one who is addicted their symptoms change from visit to visit, this is a proven fact. I have all the same problems that I started out with 3 years ago so he said NO your not addicted to your pain pills.

    I don't want to be lumped on with the people that Dr.Phil see's or Oprah talks with since when has Oprah gone through medical school I have not seen a MD behind her name. She is a " Talk show host and they will talk about the things that will get ratings for them. I don't find that Oprah is a good judge of pain conditions as she has not suffered from them and she has the view that all people who take narcotics are ADDICTED. and we are not.

    For Oprah or Dr. Phil to be concerned about us is a joke. They don't want to know about fibro .You can't fix it by talking to us and telling us if we just changed what we do we would be better and not need the narcotic pain meds. But they have never had a person on the shows who suffers from chronic pain syndrome , much less fibro of Chronic meyeofacial pain syndrome. I don't think that either of them know about theses condititions nor do they really care about it. Our pain, fatique, and all that comes with fibro will not bring in what they want high ratings.

    I have sent Oprah many e-mails about chronic pain and fibro and I have nothing at all. I have the confidence in my self to know that I am not addicted to my narcotic pain meds, but I do think that i am dependant on them they ease the pain I have and that is what there are used for .

    I have to live with the pain and the only way that I can function and do things I want and need to do is to take the narcotic pain pills. Do I really like it NO I don't want to have the pain in the first place. And I don't like to need the pain pills so that I can function either but

    I am gratfull that I have them so that I can do things with my family and friends. Yes I would love it if O Prah would be as thrilled to take about fibro as she is to talk to Tom Cruise, or George Clooney . WE who have fibro are not funny and we want to talk about this monster that has taken control of our bodies and as much as I wish that having a session with Dr.PHil would help me it would not as it is not all in my head. I wish they would listen adn get it out in the open so that we can get more research on it .

    But you have to have people who are willing to believe you that you really have this diease who is causing you to have pain that is horrid, and you can't sleep and the rest of the symptoms that go with it. but we won't have it happena s we don't fit in with the crowd.

    OK I get off the soap box now. I am doing good with the meds that I am taking now and I am fine with that. I am flareing because I over did it cleaning my house for a appraisal, and the house was not clean and I had not been keeping up on it and weill it had got away from me so I worked really hard and over did it by scrubbing cabinets, counters floors and vaccuming.

    All the things I have been told NOT to do. so it is my fault that I am in more pain than usual. But I really did like what the doctor said as it is so true. YOu should take it to your dodctors and show it to your familes if you are taking the narcotics. It may hehp them understand why your taking them and what they are going to do to you and your health.

    Sorry for being so long and getting on a soap box. I thank you all for the help you have given me and the support you give me all the time. YOu have helped me more time than i can count and I am gratful and thankfull for this site and all the people who are here. Thanks for all that you do for me.
    HUgs ,
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    I agree with the previous poster who said that his show has changed and is getting more like Maury and Jerry Springer!

    I don't watch him very much as I think he is a pompous *** (fill in the blank!), but for nothing better to do have watched a few times here and there. I just watched him the other day, and thought the same thing!

    His program has gotten a lot sleazier! Can you say RATINGS! Must be that sleaze sells better than thought-provoking shows.

    If he did a show on FMS/CSF, it would probably work against us as who would want to watch a show on us! It would be a snooze-fest! Honestly, our days are not very exciting!

    I could see it now..."Well, Dr. Phil, you wanted to know about a typical day in my life! I finally got out of bed today, after letting my pain medication kick in for an hour, and then I made myself breakfast and than had to promptly take a nap, followed by more pain medication and another nap and then YOUR SHOW, followed by a brief B**ch session about your show and then thought about making dinner, but didn't have the energy/or too much pain, so I ate tuna out of a can and then took another nap, followed by a few hours on the computer, in pain from sitting there for too long, then took my sleep medication, then up to bed where I tossed and turned all night, all to start my next day of the same!

    This is just in fun and is just about my typical day off of work! It is not meant to offend anyone, just some light- hearted humor! CFS/FMS IS not fun!

    Take care, Sally
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    I read the posts that followed the article that describes pain medication in its entirety. I learned a few things from everyone; I do not watch Dr Phil or Oprah, although I believe that Oprah has been very helpful to many people on a great variety of topics. The few times I've been subjected to Dr Phil was on programs like Jay Leno's show (I tape it as the time his show airs is too late for me); Dr. Phil turns my stomach, he is disgusting!
    I am sorry that I sent that article to him. After I thought about what everyone said concerning whom to send the article to, a little light came on for me. It really is important to send these worthwhile articles written by the medical profession, to the people who have the most authority and influence. Maybe the show director or station owners should get copies to the show's we would like to attract, cc to the star (Oprah). I would love to have O'Reilly show some interest in pain management. I also think timing is important, for instance, did you know that during the calendar months there are special days for almost any topic; like grandmother day, or breast cancer day or month. All you have to do is find out which months would be appropriate because the different stations pay attention to articles having to do with the subject matter of the month. I took a class on "press releases" and was surprised about the special day's. I also think that the article should include our Url for the message thread that would allow the reader to get other peoples input. If you put the Url for the message board and leave off the message thread then the reader will not take the time to hunt for the topic; they don't know how the site operates so you must get them to the spot that allows them to read your responses. I also would send the stations a monthly topic that might perk their interest; the more they see us, well, the "squeaky wheel gets the oil"!

    As long as you have your letter written or professional letters like the one I posted, or whatever you might find worthy of a stations time, you might have a list of newspapers and the editor who writes about medical topics handy. If we bombarded these people on monthly bases, I believe we might get some good press and be recognized. It sounds like a lot to do but once you get names and email address as well as snail male addresses and if there were a lot of us that took on this project who knows what might happen. I know first hand (and was very surprised) that we might get some attention. Last spring I wrote an email to an editor the day before an event was going to take place, the editor not only covered my letter in the newspaper but it was on the front page! I wrote him on occasions and he printed my letter. I learned an important lesson; you can make a difference, it just takes a little work up front. Be sure that you edit your letter making sure the spelling is correct and your train of thought is consistent; my husband reads some of my letters and his input made my letter even more powerful.

    I will post this in another place so others might read and become inspired.

    Thanks all for your support.
    Carol (mermaid01)

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