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  1. If any of you have not seen this before, (even if you have, but, have not viewed it in a while), PLEASE, I beg of you, for your own self, or to share with friends, family, etc... PLEASE at least once, it will only take a few minutes,

    Google "Interview with God"... the video presentation, should be the first thing that comes up.

    I truly urge everyone to visit. Turn your speakers on, if you have them, the music, is beautiful, as well as are the pictures... the words... all of it.

    ***Tearjerker Warning***

    I must tell you.... and not everyone is the same, I know... but, every single time I watch this beautiful video/poem... I absolutely bawl like a baby :)

    Tears of sadness, happiness, mindfulness, cleansing tears, tears of guilt, shame, hurt, anger.... and again, happiness & love... all at once, LOL.

    The poem itself, I plan to print all the words out to.

    So, anyways, I dont know if this has been shared before on here, but, this was shared to me, years ago, from a friend, and I love to pass it on, I can see so many of us need it (always, but, especially right now.)

    With LOVE,

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    Thanks for sharing the video/poem.

    It has beautiful photos - and the part that spoke to me most was about being careful not to wound others, as it takes so long to heal those wounds.

    I'm so glad that you found just the right thing to reach you so deeply! That is so valuable when those things come to us, and capture our hearts. And those tears are so healing.

  3. Thanks. I'm glad you liked the presentation also.

    You said it- there are 2 main parts of the 'interview' that touch me, also, and yes, one of them is the one you mention, about how it can take seconds to cause deep wounds in others, and can take years to heal...

    The other part, truly touches me, because, it really really explains my father.... whom, my sister and I are just now, in our early 30's, coming to truly UNDERSTAND... and accept, & love, for who he is... which is a VERY complicated, unemotional, inexpressive human being. The part of the presentation that says something to the effect of:

    "know that there are people out there who love you... but they don't know how to show it" (obviously not an exact quote, that's just out of my head, but close enough)....

    It has taken my sister and I both, a lifetime to understand that, and, truly believe... that, that IS how my father is, truly DOES love us "in his own way", -- not only hard to understand, and then to *believe* it... but to feel those things, with no anger, or sadness attached to it... simply understanding, knowing, accepting, and loving... it's been a long, painful, but, in the end very healing road.. and so, I really like that part of the presentation/poem as well...

    If I had not gone through the issue(s) just mentioned... I wouldn't even understand that part of it, merely read it, appreciate it, & move on...

    The part about seconds to wound others, and that it takes years to heal those wounds- well, naturally, being sick, always makes me cry guilt- tears, for how horrible I feel about how I'm changing who my husband is as a human being, by the way(s) that I('ve) act(ed),,,, as my illness has changed me, the past 9+ years. As well as how it has shaped my relationships with all of my inlaws. My nieces were both 4 mos old when I became disabled.... they know no other aunt Laura.... and I HAD so much fun to offer them... :-( They only know sick, & tired aunt Laura. As do both of my nephews, even though one of them is a little older (turns 13 in August)...

    Anyhow, I hope others will enjoy "Interview with God"... I agree, I just LOVE the pictures shown, & the music as well... most important, *of course*.. are the words... but it is all beautiful.

  4. In the hopes that any & all who could really use the "Interview With God" presentation, see this, & go check it out. I know we can all use this, at all times, but, I see (forgive me, if the name is not exact) Sweetpotato for one, could possibly really use this, & maybe take comfort in the beauty on the page, in the music, and in the words...

    As well as others, struggling ever so hard right now.

    I could use prayers right now, nothing specific, other than that I get back closer to God, the bible, church...etc. I just "don't have the energy" anymore. I literally "forget" to pray! Much less read my bible, attend Monday night services, etc... so, I need prayer that I'll not continue to just drift away from God. It upsets me, even angers me, that I've done so again... maybe if I get "upset" ENOUGH... I'll DO something. *sigh*.

    Anyhow... maybe I'll start by *praying* for all on this board... (and on the fibro/Cfs board)... I never say it on here, unless I do it... so, I'm praying for everyone.


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    Thank you for your prayers, we all could use them. That's a great way - to pray for the needs of people that come here.

    Yes, our dear Sweetpotatoe (Cindy) is in great need. In a desperate situation, so your prayers will be so valuable.

    I really admire how your sister and yourself worked through all the pain and the years of issues with your father - to get to the understanding of where you are now. I can see how those words of the poem/video spoke so clearly to your heart!

    I'm brain-fogged right now - thoughts scattered. But will surely pray that your faith will be freshened and renewed in strength. The Lord surely loves you and will help you!

    I'm glad that you've come here.

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    I haven't viewed the movie yet , but I have it bookmarked so that I don't forget. Thank you so much for sharing . My different Christian friends/sites that I go to have become my church for now. It is soooo important to keep being fed in any way possible.

    Thank you again for sharing your inspiration !

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    I've seen this before, and again...
    I've got it saved on my's beautiful!
    Prayers for you Laura, that you will feel of God's love for you. He truly does want you close.
    He knows you will be a happier person with Him in your life.
    Love, Cynthia
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    Thanks Laura, I really enjoyed your post. The video was beautiful!