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    rhemitologist has me onycontin 40 mg twice a day and oxycodone ir for breakthru husband got laid off and the health insurance and drug coverage ended that day.I got the short acting oxycode since it was cheap but could not aford the oxycontin right then.imediatly I contacted medicare to get me in a drug plan but it took about 2 weeks or so to go into efect so when it did iwent back to walgreens to get it filled and they said they had to call the dr to verify they percribed both the oxy ir and dr calls me back and said that she is dismissing me as a patient because because i wasnt taking them as percribed.She said that because i didnt get them filled when i should have .Perscriptions were for 4-4-09 and I waited till 4-17 09 waiting for insurance to go thu.Has anyone had anything like this happen to them?i can see if it was early or something ,but just because of this.Im going to my family practice dr in 2 days to see if he can take over my pain management by percribing these.What should i tell him i feel i should probebly tell him the truth but then again im afraid he might think im selling them or abusing them.
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    2nd time Walgreens has come up. I tried them and wont go back.

    I have filled scrips with no problem way past when they were written. I dont feel they had the right to call your doc. I know oxy's are a touchy drug because of abuse but you had a legit scrip and id. Thats all they needed was your id.

    Doctor is a jerk. Did u explain what happened? Let me guess is she with a pain clinic?

    just be honest with your gp. If he knows thats what you have been using he should refill. Like you said you werent trying to get more early.

    Im nervous my doc hassles me and has gone out of town and I dont know if the sub doc will refill my pain meds.
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    My Walgreen's has been wonderful - but I have been a customer there for many years.

    the pharmacy always has the right to call your doctor; they are following that person's orders. Some people do manage to alter prescriptions and it sounds like this may have been the first time you used that pharmacy.

    The doctor, though, was a jerk. I don't see any reason to "fire" you over this.

    Hopefully your gp can fill the gap until you can get established with another pain doctor and pharmacy!