Please answer FM and panic attacks...what do I do???

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  1. spudzy

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    Please share some of your advice if you have FM and panic attacks, I can't even travel nor go to restaurants....started taking a small dose of Xanax prior to trying to do something that I know bothers me...please help...
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    First, welcome to our board.

    I had anxiety/panic attacks which seemed to have no basis in my mental outlook and no amount of therapy seemed to help. Then, I started taking Klonopin and it has stopped them. There is an article on Klonopin by Dr. Paul Cheney in our library on Klonopin. It does a really good job of explaining the origin or our panic attacks and anxiety, regardless of whether you are interested in the Klonopin or not.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, welcome to our world.
    I sure know what you mean. I have been in a 'panic' off and on for over a week now. No rhyme or reason for it either.
    I am here alone, nothing but nothing is bother me, I am sleeping great, eating as much as I can do. NOt drinking any caffeine except for my one cup in the morning to wake up.

    I have been doing the breathing exercises Marilyn suggested, taking extra magnesium, but am only getting relief for small amounts of time. Then back to the 'fight or flight' feeling again.

    I usually only have a problem when I travel, or go to a large gathering, then I do what you are doing, take a low dose of Xanax before I leave the house!

    But I cannot take Xanax all day long! That is out of the question. I am simply fighting it right now.

    This seems to go in some kind of cycles, I have not had a problem like this in years, but its back again.

    You could try what Mikie said, I know she and a lot of others are doing just great on that med.

    HOpe you are feeling better soon, and do let us know how you are doing, and again, welcome to the board.............

    Shalom, Shirl

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