Please ...Anyone try Electronic Itch Eraser

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sabs, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. sabs

    sabs New Member

    Sorry i haven't posted much, but I have a severe scalp itch that I have asked about before. Seems I've tried everything ...cortisone to apple cider vineger. On another searce i found this product and was wondering if anyone has tried it?It's supposed to help with spots of itching.
    The itchy scalp started after a perm burnt my hair @1988, but it's gotten worse since diagnosed w/fibro 4 yrs ago. I'm at my wits end! Thanks in advance,
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  2. sabs

    sabs New Member

    hoping message goes forward. Thanks
  3. lin-z

    lin-z New Member

    Is it actually called electronic itch eraser???????
  4. sabs

    sabs New Member

    It's called Itch Eraser, but the co. t.m. is Electronic Itch Eraser.The claim is that it destroys the toxins that are under the skin and stops histimine release.
    As you can see, I'm getting desperate for relief from my scalp itch.
    I use Ativan when the itch gets to me,Cymbalta and Ambien are the other prescriptions I use daily,besides the vitamins and minerals.
    Does this sound like it might work?
  5. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    Hi :>) I have never heard of this particular product, but would love to know if it works too! Over the past 3 months, since going off of some of my meds to try for a baby, I have an itchy scalp that just drives me crazy somedays. My skin also itches like crazy too. I just recently bought some Pure shampoo hoping that it helps with the itching - it is free of detergents etc. Maybe we can hear from someone who has tried this product and can give us some feedback! LOL Carla

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