PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS---read!!!!!!!

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    PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS---read!!!!!!! 01/11/05 08:53 AM

    Hi. I know we are all rattled over the loss of this message board. Please be cautious when choosing a new site. We are so used to the protections of this site. I "picked " my son's brain for a couple of minutes before he left this morning about dos and don'ts.

    I'm no computer person, so I'm repeating the best I can about stuff that I really don't know anything about.

    PLEASE think twice before posting your email address in a post. There are computer programs called "harvesters" that automtically collect email addresses from the web. You will receive tons of spam including alot of porno materials if your email address is harvested.

    Set up a separate email address from your normal email address if you decide to share your email with someone. That way, the stuff coming in will be separated from your normal email. Nobody likes hitting the "delete" button a zillion times if things go terribly wrong. At least you have compartmentalized the unwanted email stuff.

    find a moderated site. You want to go to a site that makes sure that the topics are relevant and non-offensive.

    He also said something about "Spyware". This is evidently something with "tracking cookies" that collects information about your using habits on the computer. He said that there are antispyware programs available. There are free ones on the web.

    Use a password that IS NOT the same as the password that you use on OTHER IMPORTANT STUFF.

    Soft hugs to all my friends. Hope this has helped. Joyfully
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    I had no idea we were losing this board. Where was it posted? Thanks

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    Spydoctor is a good program it updates all the time.Its about $30 A YEAR