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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by larryh, Jan 29, 2007.

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    Someone told me that people are exchanging not only email addresses, but even phone numbers in the chat rooms. Probably most of the people in the chat rooms will not read this, but hopefully some of them will.

    Giving out your phone number is like telling a person where you live. With your phone number and $25 dollars someone can find out everything there is to know about you if they want to.

    Sometimes giving out your email address is just as bad. If you have to share an email address create an account on Yahoo, Google, MSN or AOL and DO NOT create a profile. IT is harder to get your information from these companies than it is from a small ISP. Even then it is not impossible. Just harder.

    Nearly everyone on the message and chat boards are very nice people and can be trusted with your life, but there have been predators on the boards before and several people still live in fear because they shared too much personal information. We do not like to think that anyone we talk to could be anything other than what they say they are, but how do you really know? Especially if they are new or they are new and you have not talked to them very much.

    Please be sure that you don't have any doubts about the person you give your email address or IM to and do not share more than that. Again do not create a profile that would give anyone any personal information either.
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    Nancy B
  3. llama

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    Hi all,

    I agree basically with what the previous posters have said...however we are all adults here on the Boards and with having said that, I believe that we can then give our "informed consent" regarding discrete info.

    It indeed would be foolhardy to carelessly divulge personal info. and against the rules of the boards. It has been my understanding that utilizing a "private room" within the chat room was acceptable for at least the exchange of emails.

    Just MHO..........Jill............
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    For the reminder.
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    I too nievely gave out way too much information. It came back to bite me. I am always scared it still can again.
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    They know my first name and that is all!!!


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    You get a call from a county court house saying they issued a warrant on you for not showing up for court (duty or something else).

    You start to defend yourself saying it can not be me. So they ask for your DOB (date of birth) and SS # so they can recheck their files and make corrections if it is not you.
    They will call back they say and they do not.

    They can then use the additional info to open a credit card or such....

    Any type of call any where like this.......ask for their phone number so you can call them right back. But do not call that number, look it up in phone directory first to ascertain that this is a correct phone number.

    Never give out info asked for...........Susan
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    I really appreciate this warning.
    I have a question. My email account profile does not have any identifying information. The name is fictitious and the address is a post office address.
    I recently received an email from an unrecognizable name and email address. The person made reference to my single/divorced/widowed/married status. (I don't want to specify which one). I could not imagine how in the world this person found out this info. It is not on my profile. Could the person have intercepted some email I sent to my freind?
    I emailed back to this person saying that I will not open his emails anymore. It is now a week later and he emailed me from a different email address. I am absolutely not responding to it.
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    I wrote a long post about protecting email identities that answers your question, but I started a new thread.

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    I have 4 Yahoo addys and 2 Hotmail addys I use for bulletins and stuff like that. I give one Yahoo out when I don't know the person well. But even this one person I thought I knew for 4 years became different and her boyfriend was a computer programmer. We had a tiff and her boyfriend started to send me viruses and hacking into my Windows computer. I eventually had to get a Mac and now have two Macs I use most all the time.

    But still they hack into my webmail and even though I change the password on a regular basis, it doesn't help.

    Even when you think you know someone for years, you may not really know then and I met this woman many times when she came in my area to see her brother and still I had problems that continue to this day and it has been over 5 years...

    Take care,
  11. therealmadscientist

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    (Just kidding, really!)

    mr Bill

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