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    You guys I just found out the hard way, maybe you already know about this; but I did not know.

    If another physician refers you for some blood work, MRI, CAT-SCAN or whatever it is other than your Primary Physician, the records are not sent automatically to your PP as well. Only the Physician requesting the test gets the results, it then goes in your file alright; BUT it doesn't mean your PP reads it!!!!

    So, be sure to either go get your results from your network or wherever you had the test and then place a follow up appointment to talk about it with your PP. Or go pick up and if you can read it on your own and it's not serious, use your own judgement.

    It has now come to my attention, that I have done so many tests all requested by other physicians other than my PP, and I do not believe she is reading my file. Because the last time she asked ME "so, who all the specialists have you been seeing and what are they saying?" I understand it can be overwhelming for her, but I don't exactly remember or understand half of it myself.

    So if she's not keeping track of my health then who is............and I have had so many tests. I have at least 6 Dr's appointments a week with all sorts of specialists trying to figure out what's up.

    No wonder they don't have a clue what is going on.......because nobody is adding all of this up and crossing the T's and dotting the I's.

    The answer is probably right infront of them.

    I had an Mri on 5/24, the gyno who sent me there is a fine, fine Dr. but he's been gone to a seminar. Somebody in the meantime should have gotten my results to let me know that I have fluid floating around in my pelvic area and a cyst on my kidney, it's my only kidney!!!

    Terminal or sitting and wondering about it..............that is terminal!!

    Thanks sorry so long, thanks for listening


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