Please Being ill and traveling.What's the best way to cope?

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    Hi,thought I'd get this out. My youngest sis is 35yrs. I'm in OK,they're in TX. She has my niece who will be 15 in Oct. She's having another baby in June. First time she's been pregnant all these yrs. It was a shock to us all. But after all I guess it turned out to be a miracle in a way. She found out that all the pain she'd been in for the last few yrs was due to her having fibroid tumors and didn't know it. She ended up in ER and she had a tumor the size of a grapefruit on her uturus and was 3 months pg. They removed her appendix to give the baby a little more room to grow. Later they done a pap and found abnormal cells,she hadn't been to a dr in several yrs. She has cervical cancer and 3 more tumors. Thank God they found it in time. Course that's where we have to say the miracle comes in cause if she hadn't found out she was pg she never would have gone to the dr and had the pap and caught the cancer in time.

    First the dr said she'd do a csection and do a complete hystorectomy,remove tumors and the cervix. Now she says if she doesn't go into labor at 39 wks,which will be in 2 wks,she will induce labor and depending on how things go decide then if she'll do it all. I really didn't want her to have another child because they've had such problems over the yrs just getting the other one raised. They haven't been able to keep a house,he's lazy and can't keep a job,she's always said she couldn't work cause she hurt so bad and they both have had drug and alcohol problems. If it hadn't been for his mother living close to them and them living with her and her husband I don't know what would have happened. Course his Mom baby's him and is still paying their rent now. It's unbelievable.

    He doesn't work now. Hard to believe isn't it. So all of us are trying to gather up everything for the baby. But I'll love this one as I did the other,she lived with me almost from the time she was born till she was 4yrs,and saw her everday of her life so I'm very close to her but I won't be able to see this one very often since I'm so sick and can't travel much. But I need and want to be there so I'm taking some vacation days and going with Mom. She's staying awhile and I'll probably stay a few days and drive Mom's car home.

    I'm just beside myself about it all. I've been so worried about my sis and the new baby and how they'll get by and I'm upset cause I won't get to see her much. They don't come here often either. Forgot to tell ya that the best thing is they both had cleaned up before she got pg,so that's good.I guess what done it is the fact that he got stopped last yr with the daughter in the truck and they searched the truck and found a pipe. Thank God they didn't take her but they made him go to rehab and has been on probation for a yr and going to some kind of school. always knew it would take something harsh to stop them,I hope that was it and the fact that they have another one to raise and sis has something threatening her life that will make them stay clean. I'm so thankful that after all the oldest has been thru she is a smart and productive girl.

    Stupid me I've been obsessing over how I'm gonna feel when I get home. Just getting all the stuff I need to take is wearing me out. I don't know how to cope with being ill and being at someone's house. And I'll need to be able to help out. I've not had to go anywhere like this since I became so ill. And I know when I get home I'm gonna be even sicker and I have to worry about getting better so I can go back to work. It's just been stressful. I think I'm probably putting more stress on myself than necessary. I'm just a worrier.

    Can someone tell me how they cope in these type of situtians. What's the best way to deal while I'm out there. I'm gonna be at the hospital also. And of course I don't sleep good and have to take something so I can sleep so I'm worried about not being able to sleep out there and then that makes me feel worse. I never did sleep well at someone else's house. I'm making too much of this aren't I? I'm so sorry this is too long. It's been on my mind for months now. Thanks for listening.

    What to do-what to do?? Keke
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    while your traveling take frequent breaks if you're driving.

    Once you get there you will have to do whatever it takes to keep yourself well. That means if you need to take something to sleep then do so, if you need to sleep different hours than other people then do that too.

    If people question you about this then explain your illness to them. Take care of yourself while you are there. Explain that you are there for moral support and that you can help with certain things but that there are things that are just beyond your capabilities.

    Do your best to make yourself comfortable and ask for anything you may need.

    I know it's difficult to be in someone else's house, I always hate staying at people's places...I prefer hotels, but you need to make sure you take care of yourself.

    Do your best to explain and if they don't believe you or something then too bad that is thier problem. Don't make your illness the center or anything just explain as needed.

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