Please...brain fog, sleep deprivation, what is going on with me?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CinCA, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. CinCA

    CinCA New Member

    I've gotten periods like this before, but tonight has been really bad. My husband is gone all week at a training class in Canada. I have ZERO help, and we just moved to a new area where I have NO friends and don't even know any neighbors, etc. I am completely isolated.

    It's started slowly, the whole brain fog thing, but tonight it has been really bad. For whatever reason, I can follow a TV show or type this on the computer, and I can't sleep even though I'm exhausted. But I forget about things. Tonight, it was to put my 4 y.o. daughter in bed after she fell asleep on the couch when I was washing dinner dishes. She wasn't there very long, but long enough to pee all over herself, her clothes, the blanket, and even make a wet spot on our nice leather sofa I have no idea how to get out. It doesn't seem to smell.

    I went to the washer with the clothes and couldn't even figure out how it worked. It's a new washer, but I've washed something like 10 to 15 loads this week because my daughter keeps having pee accidents. Then I couldn't remember if my contacts were out, and I wasn't sure if I had my pj's on or not (I have on comfy sweatpants). I was thinking about it, and now I feel better and think I can figure out the washer to at least wash the blankets tonight.

    I always feel better when I wake up, so I figure it's just fatigue. I had a Coke this afternoon, which is probably why I can't sleep, although I know I'm exhausted. What is going on? I am so scared I'm heading downhill again with CFS, and my body is completely overloaded with the stress of the new house, completely new surroundings, and arduous drive to/from my daughter's new school, etc. We've gotten there late every day but the first one, and then I got a note about a field trip on Thurs. I'm sure I didn't hear anything sooner, but I am so flaky now that maybe they did say something.

    I'm just worried because it's only me and my daughter for a few more days. I lose track now, even, because we can't find our calendar...the movers must have put it in one of the weird boxes we haven't gotten to, maybe with the garage stuff. computer tells me it's Wednesday, so 3 more days 'til hubby gets home. My daughter was off school Fri. and Mon. for Presidents' Day, so I haven't had any sort of regular schedule whatsoever for weeks now, with the move and all earlier this month.

    Is this "normal", or should I be more worried? And how can I cope to get through this week? Hubby travels again in a few more weeks, and although my mom will be here, she knows nothing of my CFS and can't handle stress herself, so the last thing I want to do is tell her or have her see any signs of it. Any helpful info. for these times is much appreciated!

    Gotta try to sort out the laundry. My place always smells like a zoo now, and it doesn't help my daughter lies about staying "clean and dry" or doesn't even know she's peed a little. I think she just gets busy and she isn't sick, per se, but she was dx'd with autism a year ago and is starting to show small regressive signs, so maybe this is all a part of it. It started earlier this fall, when she stayed in her preschool class (with new, younger kids) and most of her peer group went to the pre-K/K class (she was too young). I've tried everything to stop the peeing, and thought it was under control when we moved, but it's starting again. All of this is so hard to manage.

  2. JuliannaG

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    of stress and sleep deprivation that is causing your brain fog at the moment. Your daughter is probably going through a stressful time at the moment which is causing her frequent "accidents".

    I have no solutions for you at the moment. Only to tell you that we all seem to go through bad patches at times. About two weeks ago, I was cooking rice in the micowave. I always boil the water in the kettle first, then add it to the rice and put it in the microwave to save on cooking time. When I came to dish up the lunch, I found I hadn't put the microwave on, so the rice was sitting in the now lukewarm water. Lunch was delayed.

    There are two light switches in the kitchen - one for the kitchen, and one for the outside light. After 15 years, during the last two weeks, I cannot remember which switch operates which light.

    So, you are not alone with this problem. But remember, you may not have friends yet in the area you have moved to, but you will always get good advice or sympathetic words from people on this board. Don't be impatient if you don't get an answer straight away. You can always "bump" your post up so that it stays on the front page.

    Take care. ((((HUGS))))
  3. CinCA

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    It's nice to know I'm not alone, although I so feel for you! And yes, those light switches...we are in a fairly new home we're renting, and this place has more light switches in one room, it seems, than our whole old house did! We still have at least one "mystery switch" in each bedroom that does who knows seems to turn on no light plugged into any socket, does nothing with the ceiling light/fan...who knows? I just basically keep hitting all of them in whatever room I'm in 'til I find one that works! Your post made me giggle about that, and yes, I've forgotten about stuff on the stove, too (fortunately also in the "off" position). I try to stick to the microwave these days when hubby isn't home, or be sure to set a timer and stay closeby.

    The things we do to deal with the brain fog (or maybe it's just getting older)!

    C. (as usual feeling better but still tired this morning...didn't sleep much or well last night)
  4. NyroFan

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    That is all very much to handle. Many years ago, before I got sick and my ex-husband and I bought this house, I went through much of the same thing. I was on overload even then: without these disorders. And autism is much to deal with. I empathize with you: it is never easy and these diseases make it so much more difficult.
    Maybe you can coast a little. So, things pile up. You could curl up for a day or two and settle the brain and body.
    Best of luck in your new home.

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