Please, can anyone tell me about pain treatment clinics...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hartlite, Nov 26, 2008.

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    I've had fibromyalgia...for almost 12 years, and also have herniated disk in my back. I'm thinking about going to a pain treatment center, but someone told me they don't give you anything for the pain before the injections, and that you have to sign an agreement in case you need to go to the ER,or they will null it. Why is this? I have only been to the ER once, about two weeks ago for severe pain and burning in my feet, and it's so sad to say also that the "doctor" acted like I was just there to get some good drugs. The pain is so intense, I'm starting to think that suicide is the best way out. I'm really tired of hurting and feel so alone, but i know there are thousands of us who have this horrific illness. About the only thing I take is soma, sometimes neurotin, which seems to just make the pain more intensified. I used to take Lortab, but almost died from them, so that's out of the question, my body just can't handle those things. Anyways, does anyone get these injections and do the give something for pain before they do it? I'm too scared of how bad they will hurt...
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    Oh, I understand your pain- well to my best ability. I don't have a herniated disk, which must be horribly painful, but I do have the terrible Fibro pain. I have never had the injections, but many people here have and I am sure that if you go to a good reputable place, they will do whatever they can to make sure there is as little pain involved as possible.

    I did go to a pain clinic, but only once. I didn't like the Doctor at the one I went to and am lucky enough to have a doctor that agreed to treat me. Yes you do need to sign a contract - if you need to go to the ER, you have to notify them - are not allowed to get meds from anyone else and can only fill at one pharmacy.

    Suicide is NEVER the best way out. All of the horrible pain you are feeling is only transferred tenfold to everyone that loves and cares for you. Please remember that. If you need to talk to someone because you feel hopeless, please make that a priority.

    I'm sorry your body can't handle pain medication. What happened when you took Lortab? Would any other kind of med work or is it all pain medication? I wasn't aware that Neurontin was a 'take as needed' medication.

    We all understand how tired you are of hurting, but you don't have to feel so alone. We are all here - I'm so glad you reached out. Sometimes we're the only ones we have in our lives that truly understand each other because we all live it to one extent or another.

    Please try to hang in there, I would call the pain clinic you're thinking about going to and interview them. Ask about how they treat pain, what methods they use, tell them your fears about the injections and I'm sure they'll discuss the whole process with you.

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    The pain clinic is a wonderful setting for those of us with chronic pain. They (in my experience) are much more understanding than other medical professionals. All they deal with is pain, they know how much it can affect a person's life!

    As far as the injections, they don't give you pain meds but the do give you local anesthesia. It's not the most fun you've ever had, but it's not bad at all. Mostly, you feel pressure, not pain. And, at least for me, that sensation was NOTHING compared with the pain from the discs or from the fibro!

    Please give the pain clinic a try. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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