please can i have a good one

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    a read good digestive enzemy.....trinity
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    Cooking, canning, pastuerization kills off all the enzymes. It kills the enzymes that bacteria use and so kills them off too.

    Fresh fruits are great digestive food compliments.

    Low stomach acid (HCL) can be caused by heliobactor pylori. H. Pylori is the cause of most stomach ulcers. Fortunately, tumeric (curcumin) is very toxic to H. Pylori. I took 1 gram a day and the ulcer was healed in less than a week.

    It was also mentioned that mastic gum was hard on H. Pylori.

    HCL is used to digest protiens. It also will digest most infections!

    Drink as little liquid as possible with a meal, water dilutes all digestive enzymes.