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    Hello all,
    I know I have asked about if anyone has noticed a direct correlation between having surgery and than having a severe flare up at least 1x before. I am feeling desperate and dont know how else to ask for this info..The flare did not have to happen right surgery but anywhere from 1 month post to 3 months. I had surgery (brachial Plexus)in Oct. and felt ok afterwards. i only missed 9 days of work. It helped with numbness and tingling in right hand (reduced not removed)for which I was very grateful. This was workers comp injury and i questioned this causing a problem with my FM (b/c the first time I was diagnosed with active EBV was 3 months past a major surgery - Hysterectomy) My Dr. said he didnt have any patients that had any problems post op b/c they had FM. My pain Dr. cautioned me against surgery b/c this type of surgery is not always successful and he was concerned about my FM. I had the surgery b/c it was workers comp related and I was afraid to go against what they wanted to do.

    I made the wrong choice. In Dec. my surgeon released me and said that he could not be of further help He felt he had done a great job with reducing the numbness and tingling and that if i was still having arm pain /neck pain maybe i should go back to Neurosurgeon. Also gave me a prescription for Celebrex for pain and sent me on my way.

    Since Jan.07 I have missed 12 days of work b/c of severe fatigue and all over body pain (most in neck,arm and left leg foot area. My DH finally had me call my case worker and tell them that I wanted to see the neurosurgeon who i saw before the Hand Dr and to let them know that I feel that my EBV is reactivated b/c of this surgery and sleep issues caused from 7 months of terrible sleep from Neck/ arm/ hand pain before surgery. I also still have at least 2/3 nights that i wake up from this injury even now!

    On Monday the workers comp insurance co is sending me to one of their Orthopedic Drs for an evaluation. My DH says that this is so they can negate what I am saying about the above.

    If anyone has anything that would help me understand why my FM is worse and my EBV reactivated please,please help me. I love my job and dont want to not work but i can not get through a whole week of teaching kindergarten/first grade reading without taking 1 day a week (usually thursday) to sleep and recoop from M,Tu, and Wed. I am so tired of falling asleep while teaching 1 on 1 and having my little 6 year olds wake me up. I am feeling very discouraged and alone and this is the only place besides my family that I know people can understand b/c you have walked in my shoes so to speak. Sorry so long .Thanks in advance for your replies and thanks to those who have replied to these same concerns of mine before. PEACE - Susan
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    Thanks so much for your quick response. I was not on any heperain and it was same day surgery so I dont think it could be that. Please keep the ideas coming! Take care,Susan

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