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    I really need some help. my husband, had many test, and they thought he had a mini stroke and then sent him to a cardio Dr in another city, it will be 2 wks this Thurs. the Dr said that he had no blockage and to follow up with his Dr at home.
    So last Wed I talked to the nurse at our clinic and she said they had recieved a report from the cardio Dr that on the echo that my husband has cardiomyopathy and we should call the heart Dr,s office,
    I did and his nurse called us back and was very rude and said that the Dr had not even reviewed my husband,s chart yet, so where did this report come from about my hubby having cadiomyopathy come from, so we"re left in between 2 Dr,s that won"t answer our question.s Please does anyone have any suggestions. I"m excausted from this Thanks sixstylady
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    I would call the doctor that first saw him and sent him to the testing .Tell him that you have been given information about your husbands condition and you are not sure if it is a mistake .Ask him to please look into it for you because your want to be sure the information is correct. Ask him to call you back asap.
    Let the two doctors talk it over and then let a doctor tell you what to do not his nurse or anyone else ,tell him that they have confused the situation and you want to hear things from him.
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    I hope that I can help you. Because the cardiologist has you husband's chart, it tells me that your regular dr has referred your husband to him. I can understand your anxiety if it has been two weeks. The nurse's treatment of you was uncalled for, and I hope that you took note of her name.

    Please call your regular dr that referred you to this cardio dr, and explain to him that it has been 2 weeks and that the cardio has not responded to you, and that you are worried about your husband. Also relay to him the treatment that you received from the cardio's nurse. When a family dr. refers his pt to a specalist he is usually very protective in entrusting them into their care, so please do not feel bad about reporting back to him. You need reassurance that your husband will be safe until the cardio can review the reports and fit you husband in.

    I hope that this helps you. Hugs, Tam