Please can you help my research?

Discussion in 'Aids' started by buddy, Apr 2, 2001.

  1. buddy

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    Hi Lucy, Yes the internet is a very helpfull tool as far as research goes especially for drug info side affects, etc;; If I can assist you I am pleased to do so. Buddy
  2. lucy

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    Hi there,
    Thanks a lot for replying to my message. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions which will be a great help to my studies? Whatever you say is confidential and if you want to know more about what I do just let me know.

    As you know I am researching the use of the Internet and its use in medical purpouses, specifically AIDS/HIV.

    I am interested to know if you used the Internet as a source of information after you were diagnosed to find information, or if you only used it after you suspected you were infected, and needed to find out more info, to perhaps self-diasgnose?

    The use of the Internet has increased rapidly with knowledge of many areas being displayed on different sites. However despite this knowlegde, if you required information would you be more inclined to see a doctor, or ask someone on line? I ask this because I am interested in how the Internet is increasing in its power, and how one great advantage is that people do not get judged on line.

    Thankyou for your time, and If you ever need a chat then I am here.
    Cheers, Lucy.