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    i am considering getting pregnant, I am on one medication, hydrocodone. it is the only thing that works for me. I am allergic to most other meds, tried many, and been off of them for a few years. been back on hydrocodone for 2 years. one pill a day i make do with. been doing very well with that. helpa with fatigue and pain both.
    I dont have any natural energy of my own anymore. so i feel i need to keep taking the medicine even if i get pregnant. If my symptoms disappear, i willquit, of course.
    But if they dont, how do I find a dr that will keep prescribing them? I currently get mine from my psychiatrist. i signed a paper 2 years ago that said the hydrocodone would be discontinued in case of pregnancy. i recently cut back a little in preparation in case this happens.
    if i get stuck not being able to do anything for myself, and pregnant, not be able to work at all, what then?
    should i just go to several drs till i find one that can make an intellegent decision.
    i went to a sperm donation clinic in a hosp. i was rerouted to the pain clinic where i was tricked into having a psychological assessment by a dr that i fired for harrassing me a year ago, anyway she couldnt answer any of the questions i already knew the answers to, like vasectomy reversal, and so forth, i didnt recognise her, at first.i knew somthing wasnt right, i let her go on and she said she thought i made up all the answers the things she asked me. she made it clear she had a bone to pick with me. and said that when i made it to the fertility clinic, they would tell me similar. she made a big deal about being on the board whatever that means. i know who this woman is, she is crazy , im sure, but I think she might have a point about the hydrocodone.
    I would like to go to a real dr, who are who they say they are, and know at least as much as i do. my first choice origionally was to not take any meds while pregnant, but after realising that some drs are dummer than a box of rocks and otheres are crazier than an outhouse rat, I decided to do some research on pain relievers and pregnancy for myself, and found out that asprin and ibuprofen are bad for pregnancy and acetominophen was safe. hydrocodone is mostly acetominophen with a tiny amount of the other drug that potentiates it. not really enough to be harmful at my dosage anyway.
    im kind of nervous about going to dr.s what kind of dr. should i go to? who will be the most caring and considerate and smart?
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    do you have fibro me/cfs?

    if your thinking about getting pregnant I thinnk talking to an ob gyn would be your first step.

    only then call you decide with your doc about meds to take when pregnant. remember what you take goes to the baby also.

    sounds like there are issuses going on you need to resolve.

    best of luck
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    where can i find one? kind of gun shy after the last one. that one was a real lunatic. maybe if I cancel my Iowa Care, and get a private Dr. maybe that will work. (Iowa Care is health insurance you have to pay for if you cant afford and dont fall under title19 I think its called.)
    I wish someone would take me to a decent dr. I hate going. Do any Drs exsist that you dont have to pay like 100.00 up front? I am a single income household I have to make payments. cant afford anything up front.
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    i have FM and probably other things i am on the Iowa Care plan though human services. i have to pay for it but so far it has been worthless. they give you bottom of the barrel drs. Many people refer to Iowa Care as "phantom Healthcare" because you can beg for an apointment for years and never get it. they wont even give you a list of things they will treat. they wont treat FM no matter how many symptoms you have. And you are only allowed to go to one hospital, and you have to travel a long ways to get there. I heard a rumor that someone got some eyeglasses once. but I have been without glasses for 4 years now. i managed to pass my drivers lisence test though anyway. I paid on some frames till I ownd them you think they would at least help with the exam but if yoou call the number on the back of the card they are rude and wont tell you what they cover.
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    just sharing our expirence

    my daughter just had a baby back in July , and they would not even give her the ok to take meds for a cold much less pain meds, think you are going have a hard time finding Doc to give pain Meds while with baby , sorry

    do you have Fibro ? just wondering as your profile does not give to much info on your condition ... I personally don;t think I could handle beign with baby and dealing with Fibro. I barley make it as it is

    I wish you the best
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    I know it isn't fair to those of us who desperately want another child (me!) and can't because of our condition. But to be very honest with you, I would think long and hard about getting pregnant if I were you. When pregnant, you really do need to put the babies needs first which would mean discontinuing pain meds. I imagine that would be very rough on you.

    Then when the baby is born that is a whole new host of issues (sleepless nights!) that could possibly send you into a crash mode.

    I always wanted three children but I think we are done now because of my CFS. It is very sad to me to give up that dream, but I have two children who need me and the little energy I have needs to go to them. There is no way my body could handle a pregnancy (it never could before I got CFS, I was very very sick with both pregnancies) and no way I could ever keep staying up through the nights for months with a newborn (my kids were both GI nightmares)

    Good luck on your decision.