Please continue prayers for my son,

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    ... and thank you all for your prayer support, it's so appreciated!

    My son will be 35 on the 23rd of this month, is bipolar, and has been in a manic state for while now, I think about a month. He is mainly walking a lot and talking a lot (to himself as well). He’s facing some traffic citations out of state and my husband and I plan to take him to the city where he needs to go to get these somewhat resolved, or at least face the consequences, and to retrieve belongings from his car.

    Problem: he won’t quit walking and has huge blisters on his heels, toes, and elsewhere.

    He’s not a danger to himself (except for the blisters!) or to others except for the following … right now he is living with his grandmother and grandfather (my parents) as he lost his apt and job about 3 weeks ago … and they are so very worried about him. Currently, his behaviors are just totally strange and they really haven’t had to see him in this prolonged state before this event. We live out of his area right now and cannot help with his living arrangement (doggone it!) but will be assisting him into an apt after the legal issues are resolved.

    I’ve been able to convince him to seek help in the past but he just won’t go this time. That’s mental and medical help. He’s used medical marijuana to keep stable; however, in California the Feds have pretty much helped to close all the care providers down so my son has not had any for a while. HE WILL NOT GO IN FOR MENTAL HEALTH medications.

    Please continue to pray for God's strength for my parents and for my husband and I and for protection for my son while he continues to stay in this state of bipolar disorder. Pray that he'll be able to see the need for treatment and receive the treatment. He so needs to rest. He has slept very little in the past several weeks.

    Thank you again for your support in prayer. I continue to pray that our Lord will bless each of you and hold you close to him so that you may all feel the peace that passes understanding in your hearts.

    L, jaltair
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    He was getting more floridly psychotic and I had to call the Sheriff's Dept last night to take him in to the psych unit. I'm hoping that he was medicated and is sleeping right now as he hasn't slept more than a couple hours in several days.

    Maybe this will help him.

    I absolutely hated to call the Sheriff, but had to ... feel so horribly bad this am. I'm going to where he and my parents live to see what I need to do today. This is all turning out to be such a mess with him losing his job, his apt., having legal problems out of state, etc. Hardly slept all night with worry.

    I appreciate this board so much; thank you all for your prayers.

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    My prayers are included with the others. My cousin has a 31 daughter who is bi polar and because she had a kidney transplant can not take meds. Her life is horrible.

    May the Lord offer you comfort and guidance and help.
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    ALL with children with mental disorders...I pray for FULL & ABSOLUTE recovery and also for you parents to have mountains of reserves of strength and faith.

    God Bless
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    Thank you all so much for your words of comfort and support. My son was taken to the ER psychiatric facility and is still there. He has been given medication without his consent and is upset about being there, wants out. He's still very illogical. This is a bad one. I've never seen him so angry; he's usually mild and takes my recommendations without hesitation. He's upset that he's "lost everything" - i.e. his job, his apt, and his car. At 34 (will be 35 next week), he had a "life established" until he became so ill. He hasn't been totally "normal" (who is?) and has had episodes in the past but not this bad. In the past, he lost his credit and over the past 8 years has been able to reestablish it and wanted to be "normal" with everything everyone else has. This is heartbreaking and heart wrenching for me.

    I had to watch as they "took him down" to forcefully medicate him and I cried. After he calmed down, I held his hand and just thought about the time he was small and how much we just loved each other. He has always been so loveable. Now he is angry with me for calling the Sheriff's office. Yes, I told him I did do that. We've always been honest with each other and I feel that it's important to stay that way. Hopefully when he's given the right medication and can have reasoning capability he will understand I did what I did because I love him so very much.

    I really appreciate your prayers. It is God that gives me the strength to go on each day through everything happening with my son. There is no way I could do it alone, I don't have that strength. I thank my Father for his comfort and wisdom and his love. I also thank my Father that my son is also devoted to Christ and has a love for Him that will always be there. Even in his bipolar ranting he is praising the Lord and not destructive or mean; I thank God for that.

    Love, jaltair
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    dear jaltair, i will be praying for you and your son as i know how this must hurt. i went through an episode with one of my college students about 6 years ago. he was my best student. loved the LORD with all of his heart. and i mean ALL of it. he had been to our home many times as he wanted extra teaching and i was always willing to try to help. i didnt know anything except that he was mild bi-polar and he showed no symptoms except that he was very quiet and seemed shy.

    he would drive me to conventions and revivals when my husband didnt feel like driving as he is not well either.
    so, we had him in ur home for probably 3 x per week for about 4 years.

    well, he was here one evening and my husband went to bed early as he was so tired. eric stayed for a little while and i was talking to him. there was a little silence for a bit and then he went off! i mean he went beserk! i had to get my husband as he was chasing me and wanting to kill me . then my dh came out and they tackeled each other. it went on for about 5 minutes and was not letting up. so i fast called my accoiate who travels with me and she came up . we all sort of tried to hold him down and then the LORD spoke to me and told me to get a long polished walking stick that i had gotten for CHRISTMAS the past year, and to have him hold it. i did so and the lord told me to tell him that just like the rod of moses, as long as he held on , GOD was with him. it worked. we finally got him settled and he stayed the night on the sofa. the next day he went home as if nothing had happened. i waited about 2 days for his mother to call, but she didnt.

    so i called her and told her what had happened. it had not happened before that she knew anything about but she took him to a psychiatrist under my suggestion.

    he had gone psycotic! the dr. said that it sometimes happens to them in thier early 20's. that is when it shows up this way. i found out later that he had gone to the church the night before and asked the pastor if he could spend the night in the church seeking GOD. he allowed him too. none of us knew that he also had not been sleepng but staying up and reading his bible .

    he told me later after hi meds started working that he had been hearing voices for a lon time and learned to ignore them. he said that if he passed a person on the street that he would hear them calling him filthy names and saying awful things to him. but GOD had kept im safe until he was here with us and we could get him the help he needed.

    he still lives with his om and stays pretty close to home. i see him only infrequently. but i miss him. he was so bright. as a matter of fact, i have a tape of him here of the first and last sermon that he ever gave. it breaks my heart. but GOD knows and he is safe.

    so i will be in deep prayer for your son as i know how any type of illness can sometimes worsen, just as ours does. GOD loves you, and he loves and knows your sons heart. he is safe. dont worry about anything like that. but i will pray for his healing. we have a merciful LORD who cares about it all.

    hugs to you tonight sweetie and just lean on us here for we re to bear one anothers burdens. and we will help to bear yours.
    in CHRISTS service,= ski

    ps. please dont think that i am inferring that your son is that bad or that he will be, it is just that i wanted you to know that i have dealt with some things and i do understand the pain that you are going through. [This Message was Edited on 11/06/2007]
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    Thank you for your post. What you went through with the young man when he had his break must have been terrible. I've lived fourteen years now watching my son go through episodes and they are devastating. This last one in August was really bad.

    Right now he's on his meds and taking them and is totally wonderfully "normal" (Whatever that means? Some people do wonder what is normal.). I feel as though I have my son back.

    I am so grateful to our Lord for getting him this far. He is still healing, but is ready to get out now and find another job (he lost his last July). With his background and through these years being unstable, it's really difficult to get hired. When he works, he is wonderful. Especially with people or "customer service" type of work.

    I appreciate your prayers and thoughts for my son. Again, thank you.

    Love, Jeannette
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    I so appreciate the thoughts and prayers, thank you.

    I'm so grateful for the answered prayers and I see them all the time on this Board. I know I couldn't have gotten through this one with my son had it not been for prayers and God's grace and love that's held all of us together.