Please could you share? What Supplements do you take?

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  1. Lendy5

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    Please share what supplements you take and what it helps. I have been reading several post over the past few weeks on supplements and don't know where to start and where do you buy your supplements? Thanks for any replies.

    My daily meds are;

    Acebutolol 200mg x1 - Blood Pressure
    Clonazepam 0.5mg x1 - Anxiety
    Priolosec 40mg x1 - Acid Reflux
    Oxycodone 5/500mg x5 - Pain
    Motrin 800mg 1 to 2 daily for Pain

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  2. Lendy5

    Lendy5 New Member

  3. Lendy5

    Lendy5 New Member

    Hoping someone could help me get started with some supplements?????
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    You obviously have fibro while I have CFS, and so my list may not be especially relevant.

    However, perhaps there are some ideas here. Let me know if you're uncertain why I would be using these supplements and I will explain.

    I prepared this list for my doctor early this month.

    Since then I have made the following changes:

    1) Temporarily eliminated silymarin and dandelion root because I suspected one was giving me a rash. (I am going to try them out again before going on Valcyte, which has a lot of toxicity.)

    2) Upon my doctor's advice, raised my Vitamin C level to maximum tolerated without diarrhea for overall healing, immune system, and constipation/colon detox. I currently am at about 20,000 mg per day. (He said to be sure to take a little sea salt every day.)

    3) Raised probiotics to 60 billion units with 18-strands per day. My doctor has a special supplement for this.

    4) Stopped herbal laxatives (for the most part)

    5) Added Candidase to control yeast since I am doing some juice fasting.

    6) Am about to raise T3 to 165 mcg

    Again, this is a very specialized program refined after much study, experience, and suggestions from several doctors to fit my needs.

    I mostly list it to suggest how individualized supplements are and to encourage you to experiment very gradually with different supplements to see which ones work for you. No one else's plan is likely going to be appropriate for you.

    good luck!!


    Current Drugs and Supplements

    Lamictal (350 mg)
    Klonopin (1-2 mg)
    Famvir (500 mg)
    Cortef (5-20 mg when very active/stressed)
    Florinef (.1 mg---currently stopped because blood pressure seems sufficient)

    DLPA (2000 mg)
    St. Johns Wort (600 mg—4 capsules)

    T3 (150 mg)
    Oxytocin (10 iu)
    Vivelle Patch (.1 mg/day)
    Prometrium (200 mg, 2-3 weeks/month)
    Testosterone Vaginal Cream
    Melatonin (occasional)
    DHEA (up to 25 mg, only for viral die-off)

    Probiotics (10 billion per day)
    Kyolic Garlic
    Herbs (rotate oregano oil, pau d’arco, goldenseal, citrus seed extract)

    Adrenal Extract (Pure Encapsulations)
    Energy Flash
    ProHealth Molecular GF
    Licorice Root
    Panax Ginseng

    ImmunePro Rx (4 scoops)
    Dandelion Root

    Digestive Enzymes
    Betain Hcl
    Cascara Sagrada or Senna (smallest recommended dosage)
    Colin Cleaner Psyllium/Herbal Combination (occasional)

    NADH (sublingual 50-100 mg)
    CoQ 10 (400 mg)

    Vitamins and Minerals:
    Vitamin C (6000 mg EmergenC)
    P5P50 (100 mg)
    Sublingual B12
    Magnesium (Glycinate)
    Calcium (Microcrystalline Hydroxapatitte)
    Chromium (GTH 600 mg)
    Multiple Vitamin/Mineral

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    Carolin, I'm getting started in my own protocal as well. I've been battling all of this Fibro/CFIDS for many years but started feeling well and then crashed about 2 years ago. Many people start a "yeast program" eliminating sugars, watching starchy foods etc. and introducing a gut flora called probiotics. Also I just started using oregano oil capsules which is good for preventing yeast, bacteria and viruses. I'm about to get some olive leaf extract for the same purposes. Many people use both...this is just a start. Go to the top of the page and where is says search: type in any of these suggestions or type in can find it in the title and/or content which is next to the "search button" and up will come loads of great ideas and suggestions others have posted in the can literally spend hours going over those posts and then decide what you'd like to try. Keep watching the board for new posts as well. Hope this helps. This is a great way to learn all you can about good supplements and ideas to try. good luck!
  6. pw7575

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    I have CFS and I am currently taking:

    -B Complex Vitamin
    -Vitamin C
    -Magnesium (Glycinate 400mg this is supposed to be especially helpful for people with FMS)
    -Calcium with Vitamin D
    -Coenzyme Q10
    -Three Tablespoons of ground flaxseed daily

    I am about to start a new treatment and will be adding some of the following:

    -B12 Sublingual (starting with 1000mcg)
    -Green Food Supplement
    -Supplements for glandular/hormone support
    -Virus, bacteria, pest fighters such as Olive Leaf Extract and many more.

    Basically if you look up Stormyskyes "My road to remission" that is all the stuff I will be taking. Along with eating healthy. I became vegan two and a half years ago to help me fight this illness.

    I would suggest just looking through what other people have taken and see what sounds like it would be good for your symptoms. That is what I did. You just have to pick whatever sounds right to you.

    Prohealth has some good supplements on this website for sale. I will most likely be buying some of theirs. Others I will probably get from my local vitamin store.

    Good Luck!
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