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    I need a new body the one I have is not working right and the person that is working on " fixing it" is out of town.

    IF only there were such a thing . You can have a home model and it would look like a sauna and you walk in for say a half hour and out comes and new person with out the pain and other problems like being over weight and such. Since there is not a machine like that I am stuck living with the body I already have. And it is not working well these days.

    I had to cancel my dentist appointment this morning as I could not walk, move, stand with out leaning on something for support. I called them at 3 am and left a message so that the receptionsist would get it at 8 am when she got there and could fill the appointment. I called later and she made me a new appointment.

    She did ask me what was wrong with me and I told her that I was in so much pain from the degenerative disc disease and bbulding disc's. I am not sure that she thought that it was a good enogh reason for not seeing the dentist.

    But I know that she wwould not have understoon it if I had told her I was flaring . I don't understand it and I am flaring. So how do you tell someone NO I can't do this because I have a flare? "Duh what is a flare?" that would be the reaction I would get.

    I had enough fun { NOT} at home as the oldest daughter paid me a visit and was all snotty about the house not looking as clean as it did. And why was I not all dressed with my hair done and I told her that it was not her concern. OH that means your fibro is bothering you. The problem is she has fibro of CFS and does not know it. She is always sick and has a headache and is hurting some where when there is no injury that anyone knows of. But if I hurt it is that fibro that does not exit in real people.

    I hurt from my head to my toes and I ache so deeply that I did not sleep all night or well it was 5 am beforethe pain eased enough so that I could sleep. I am still flaring and I know it and I don't like it and I am tired of it.

    My body is not what it used to be. I miss the other me the one I as before I turned in to this person. I am tired of acheing all over and all the time. I have pain my my back thighs hips, and knees. I feel like someone has a clamp on my body and it is getting tighter all the time. And the tighter it gets the more pain I am in.

    I am still fighting with this flare maybe that is the problem I am fighting it instead of resting, and let it do what it is going to do. Maybe it I just let this flare run it course I would feel better? Who knows. I don't. I just know that I am sick of this pain all day long. I want answers to what I have and how it reacts to my body. But there are not REAL answers for this question. NO one knows what causes the pain from fibro.

    Some tell us it is in our brain and the lack of suptance P and others tell us it is a auto immune system problem. But no one really knows what is happening to our bodies. NO doctor can look at you and tell you that he understands the pain your in .

    Would it not be great to have a understanding of the real reasons why we hurt and what our body is doing to cause this pain that we have to live with and the fatique too. How great is would be to have someone tell you that this is reall and not all in my mind.

    OK I know that life must go on but does it have to hurt so much all the time too? I don't want much just some time with out horriable pain I have and the fatique that is so bad taht I will just fall alseep on my couch in the afternoon. OR I feel sl sleepy while I am in the bathroom that I pray I don't fall alseep in there as that could hurt me even worse. And embarass me too.

    All I did was go to the grocery store adn walk around looking for the items I needed. And I did this because I have been told that I need to walk because of the arthritis I have in my knees.

    So I will walk in the grocery store as it is warm in there and cold out side. But I have found with much walking that walking and standing only make me hurt much worse than just doing the basics at home. I don't like to be stuck in the house all the time but I am because I am just to tired to move ane to walk around and is it me or do the children scream and yell louder than they used to do? I really could use a answer for this question, I went to the movies and the sound was turned up so loud that I had to plugg my ears. I asked them to please turn down the sound and I was told that it was on a low setting and that was all that was going to be done.

    But to me it felt like I was sitting on the speakers and Not only could I hear this loud movie I felt the vibratations and between the two of them I was in more pain going out then I came in with. So what do I do? And is it just me? Am I losing my mind? Tihngs are so much louder than they used to be. MOvies the TV's the sounds in the house are all so loud that it hurts me. So It much be me.

    I don't mean to sit here and complain all the time. I would just like to know that I am not losing my mind. I have been in so much more pain from following doctors orders to get out of my house and walk and the more I walk even on the treadmill the worse the pain is in my knees, back, and hips and I can't stop and talk to people in the store like I once did as standing hurt me and makes me so stiff and hurt that I can't walk and I will limp and hold my breath as the pain is shooting through out my body.

    I feel like such a baby becuase I can't do the Normal things a wife should do. I can't lift very much as it causes back pain, I can't grip things like I once did, and I am just not the person I once was. I was so independant and that it not me now. I have changed to much because I am always tired ,s;eepy mfatiqued, and in pain all of the time. And rarely do people understand what I am going through.

    I am so upset with people who think that I am faking htis just to get out of working. don't they know that I would reather be working than laying home on my heating pad and praying that this never ending pain will stop soon? My left wrist is so stiff adn is so slow and causes me so much pain from when I shattered it.
    I started to have arthrtis in that wrist with in four weeks after my surgery on it . Can you belive that with in four weeks after I shattered my left wirst and had the surgery with a plate adn 6 screws in it to fix it I had full blown arthritis in this wrist.

    How sad is that? my knees are so pain full that I hate walking as they creak like a old door that needs oil to stop the squeaking. And mine creak and squeak to. What is going on with my body? And why is it happending to us. What did we do to get this thing in our lives?

    Sorry for all the whinning. I would just like some answers and I know that there are not here or anywhere yet as this is just being understoon as some ting that is real not in our minds.
    WE are all different and that confuse's people and doctors as they see so many people each day and some can work and carry on with there lives and take a mim amount of pain med and then there are those like me who need to take pain meds to beable to just do the dishes and the laundry, I used to take typing for granted as It didn't bother me but boy does it now.

    Just to say how I am feeling causes my wrist pain and stabbing pains and numbness in it. It will burn for hours after I have posted and why do I post here because I need to hear that I am not alone.

    thanks so much for reading this.
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    you and i are on the same page...i've been flaring and i hurt and feel like goes on and on...

    i wonder when this is going to go away...i thought my new ad' vavactil was going to help..well heck no..that was short lived..i don't know if it is all of the rain we have had...

    i'm too tired and hurt too much to even call the dr's...i wonder why i would call...

    i have hmo kaiser...they won't put me in a chronic pain class becasue i can not get a sponser to go with me... for 10 weeks on every friday at sixteen year old doesn't drive and he has school and sports...

    family i michigan///anyways the chronic pain dr...said she couldn't believe i couldn't go...well i can not go...

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    REGARDING the sound in movie theaters. I gave up going to the movies 21 years ago for that the high prices and the mediocre movies.
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    I've been going thru the same thing for a month now.

    I also have the bulging disks and Deg. D.D. and that doesn't help things.

    Hope we both (all) feel better

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