Please do not feel guilty! Lease79

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    I read the posts concerning getting pregnant with fibro. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but that only means it is right for them. You've heard of the term:" Walk a mile in my shoes!" Well, I believe this very much so! You cannot be blamed or judged by your decision. Congratulations, this is a time of joy, to celebrate life!

    How many alcoholics have biological children? How many people choose to have babies when they know of a defective gene being passed from generation to generation. It happens all the time. Who has the right to say that someone should or should not have children. All of us have to take risks everyday. And one would argue that alcoholism is a debilitating disease.
    Are we going to stop having children because ie, uncle Arthur has parkinsons, aunt sue has cystic fibrosis, Sheila is schizophrenic...etc. Who gives anyone the right to play God?
    I know of so many children being born to abusive parents, now is that fair to put a little child through that kind of hell? Who says someone with fibro shouldn't have children?
    We are a population full of sickness and problems. It is part of the life cycle and always was. Heart disease is passed on to our children. Diabetes......There was a man, during World war II, who believed he was the perfect one and thought he was God.....remember? We would not exist if health was a criteria do have children, I mean perfect health!
    Enjoy your children and please do not feel guilty. People who judge and think they are beyond humanity are living with their heads in the clouds. Most unfortunate!

    I wish you the best of health to you and your babies.

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    Hi Mamie, welcome to the board. A very informed speech you just gave here!

    Are you a suffer of FM/CFS? You forgot to mention.

    Just stopped to welcome you, and say that in most areas I do agree with you.

    It really is a personal choice.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    for your kind words.
    I was probably being pregnant & hormonal, but I went to bed last night feeling rather depressed & teary.
    I don't like the thought that my children may have to live with this when they are older. That scares me beyond belief.
    Thankyou again