Please donate to help the animal victims of Katrina

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    Three weeks after Katrina struck the region and the flood waters rose in New Orleans, our rescue teams are doing all they can to reach stranded pets in time. We’ve rescued nearly 6,000 pets and other animals so far. Many animals are in remarkably good shape, but others are severely dehydrated or have wounds or chemical burns. For some, we are arriving too late to help. While individual National Guardsmen and military units have helped us, the federal government has refused to formally make animal rescue a top priority.
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    Leenerbups, I donated to the ASPCA organization a few weeks ago. I was hoping that organization would help as they had a disaster fund to click on their website.

    I would be very disappointed to hear that they haven't helped any of the animals.

    Will check out your URL. We don't have a lot of money to donate, so anything we give has to be checked out thoroughly.

    Big hugs,
    Okay, you have convinced me. Will check out the site. At least I can see them on the scene and helping. Thanks![This Message was Edited on 09/22/2005]
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    HSUS, ASPCA, Best Friends and Noah's Wish are the larger groups among many other smaller groups who are helping out the animal victims of Katrina.

    We rescued one pug from there who was out for two weeks and her feet were badly infected from the toxic waters. :(

    (I do pug rescue in the southeast and have a foster home just north of New Orleans)

    Atlanta, GA
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    groups involved I'd like to suggest
    the old and tried and true North Shore Animal League, a no kill shelter in the New York area. They are doing airlifts today right up to the last minute they can, getting animals that have been in temporary holding areas to New York. Some will be in their shelter and others in foster homes or if not apparently someone's pet, up for adoption on their board. Check them out. I've sent them a few dollars here and there over the years after a friend told me about them, and they ARE wonderful people! Thanks.
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    Great thread, gals! I'm happy to know that there are organizations coming into LA and TX, etc. to help the animals. I surely haven't seen much of that on TV (cable) and was wondering if much was being done at all.

    I guess our loving animals aren't top priority to show at the major news channels.

    We have a local (sort of local) favorite no kill shelter called Second Change Animal Shelter (.org) that is in Powhatan, VA, and we give generously to them. Sort of have taken them as a pet (no pun) charity.

    I have never heard of Best Friends or Noah's Wish. I have heard of North Shore Animal League, but you know one never knows when you give money if it is going to the right place to help the animals or in a person's pocket.

    I have a friend who did a paper on the ASPCA and she said they were a good organization about how they spent their money. She didn't have too many good things to say about how the Red Cross spent their money and she did a paper on both organizations. She did a lot of research and now has her Master's degree.

    I was trying to get to the end of the Prayer Thread when the board just stopped and I gave up.

    Prayers for all the animals who will be caught in Rita.

    Brenda, good for you rescuing pugs.

    I feel more sorry for the cats as they are a bit harder to catch and are more shy, I feel, than most dogs are.

  6. dancingstar

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    I also donated to the ASPCA and do on a monthly basis. They say that this donation is also helping towards helping animals that were stranded by Katrina.

    You are doing wonderful work!
  7. Leenerbups

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    Cut and paste this url into your browser to see the rescuing of animals.

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