Please don't think I am strange- Bee Venom Therapy

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kellbear, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. kellbear

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    My Aunt in California also has CFS/FMS and has found great releif with Bee Venom Therapy. Has anyone heard or tried this?
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    Since we have discussed this. As I recall, there were some positive results. I once found a site with the venom in emu oil which can be rubbed on the tender spots instead of having to sting oneself.

    Anyone here had good results with this?

    Love, Mikie
  3. kellbear

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    Actually buys the bees weekly and has her doctor do it. He said the pure bee venom is better for some reason. costs her about 50.00 a week and the bees are free. She said it has just started helping with her FMS but she noticed BIG improvements with her CFS. She felt worse for about a week, high fever, swollen but it kicked her immune system into gear and now she only has to get stung 5 times a month. They do it in one sitting. She says the doctor numbs her with some type of spray
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    Hi Kellbear,

    this is what I posted on the subject awhile back.

    I've had bee venom injections before through my MD. The venom is extracted from the bees and injected in 1cc bubbles under the skin. One injection is the equivalent of 6 stings. You can also go to a bee-keeper and get bees that way, but it will not be as potent and then you have to worry about taking care of the bees till you make them sting you!

    I live pretty far from my doctor so he was going to send me the vials to inject myself, it's $$ though. Also, if you have any kind of sensitivities/allergies you might want to be careful. I'm not allergic to bees perse, but after my initial injections I was a mess.

    I have adrenal problems and had terribly huge welts for 2+weeks and had an emotional freak out the day after the injections. I got stuck in traffic and couldn't stop crying for over 2 hours. So just make sure you aren't dealing with a lot of other health problems first...It's a great therapy for lymes(which I have) and fm/arthritis type stuff. I plan on trying it again once some of my other health problems have improved.

    Hope that helped, sorry for the novella.

    Just wanted to add, I am currently using mistletoe injections instead. It basically does the same thing on the immunity front. It doesn't seem to help with pain at all though (the bee venom is supposed to but I never got that far).

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    I have seen this on TV a couple times,on TLC & UNSOLVED mysteries. I also looked it up under BEE STING THERPY, AND TONS OF INFO COMES UP, on this. Very interesting!!
  6. Mikie

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    A person can develop bee venom allergy at any time, so if you are considering this therapy, you need to get a bee sting kit and carry it with you in case you get stung and have a reaction.

    Love, Mikie
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