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    I have just sent this email to IACFSME to complain about the President of the organization and his recent comments to the New York Times. I encourage you all to send a similar email to

    Here is the link to the NYT article:'

    My email to IACFSME:

    I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome 4 years ago, and it has had a significant impact on my life and my career. Although CFS patients, doctors, and patient advocates have made significant progress over the last five to ten years, chronic fatigue syndrome continues to be a controversial diagnosis, and I continue to find myself having to defend the fact that I have a real physical illness.

    I have always considered IACFSME to be a prominent CFS research and advocacy organization. However, I am deeply concerned by the fact that the current President of the Association is a behavioral psychologist, as well as his recent comments to the New York Times that CFS is a mind/body disorder. Both Dr. Friedberg's position as President of IACFSME and his comments to the New York Times are insulting to CFS patients, as these things perpetuate the myth that this illness is all in our heads.

    It is disappointing that CFS patients must fight both skeptics and their own advocacy groups to establish the fact that CFS is a real physical and immunological disorder. I will be unable to support IACFSME until it is headed by a certified medical doctor and ceases to perpetuate the myth that CFS is in any way a mental disorder.

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    There is talk that the IACFS/ME is going to challenge the CDC at the next CFSAC meeting.

    I think bringing up Dr Friedberg's profession might weaken this and cause division in the IACFS/ME and then they won't make as strong a statement as they might. I think if people want to make a comment on this, it might be better to do it after the meeting on Oct 29-30 (only two weeks a way).

    Dr Friedberg is a patient as is one of his children so they are far from the worst as mental health professionals go.

    I think to focus for the next couple of weeks should be on the CDC.
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    Pardon me, Friedberg is a patient of what?
  4. QuayMan

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    Friedberg has CFS. Although is "high functioning".
    One of his children also has it.

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