Please explain REIKI to me

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by phoebe1, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    One of my very good fiends is a Reiki practitioner (I think level 3), we've known each other for over a year and are quite close.
    In the beginning of our friendship she said that if I ever wanted to try reiki I must just say and she will do it for me.
    As she got to find out more about my illness everytime I suggested it she kept quiet or steered the conversation in another direction.
    This really hurt my feelings, I've suggested it 2 or 3 times now but she hasn't offered again. We are still really good friends and I'm throwing her a bachelorette party this friday.

    I just don't understand why she doesn't want to do reiki on me anymore and I don't want to ask either for fear she'll say ok just to avoid a possible confrontation or to spare my feelings.
    Does she maybe feel that I will totally and completely drain her?

  2. orachel

    orachel New Member

    I would like to start by saying I know nothing abt Reike...came in here to poss get more info abt it, but your post (Phoebe) is interesting, and I think most of us (at least I know for sure, myself!!) have been thru something akin to this with a friend. Ie: they make a very very open generous offer of some sort of help, you decline v nicely as don't want to take advantage (or aren't ready for that step in your life, or whatever). Then Friend continues to offer, always saying how happy she/he'd be to do "it" for you, etc. Then, just when you reach the pt where you're ready (for whatever reason) to take them up on their offer, it's like "whaaaa???? who???? I never said that..." on their part, or simply VERY uncomfortable suddenly between you two and you realize they've changed their mind for some reason!

    It's happened to me a few times in TOTALLY different scenarios (from v short term $ loans *like just waiting for a paycheck kinda thing*, or offer to let use cabin when its sitting empty for vacation, or offer to accompany me to something fun *or even something scary, like a doc appt, ect*

    I want you to know Phoebe...I've had good and bad luck sorting it out and getting to the "root" of what happened (and seemingly happened without me even realizing it!?!). I've gotten MUCH closer to friends during the "return trip" from something like that turmoil in friendship, and I've unfortun. lost a friend (or actually 2...i think) over it.

    My only advice (Whew! I'm finally getting to it! lol) is to be open and honest with yourself and her.

    I think Wendy's idea to take post to her was pretty darn brilliant (but I wouldn't just hand it to her out of the blue...try very simply to tell her that you've got something abt friendship causing palpable tension that's worrying you (isn't that one of the principals of Reiki? Not to worry? Might be wrong, but thought that RIDGERUNNER said that the other day) and you're not sure if you did something to cause her to be uncomfortable or not. Then could say something like "this is so hard to vocalize, so I asked for a lil advice in a totally anonymous setting (you DON"T want her to think you've been broadcasting this to the universe, esp if she doesn't realize how open we are here abt everything......imo, she could see that as a betrayal of her trust if she chose to.)

    By the way, based on your post I can think of a ton of reasons why she might be hesitant or acting strangely...Don't know if any of these attitudes would be likely of a Reiki practitioner, as I don't know anything abt it other than what Wendy and Ridgerunner have generously shared.

    A) think WAMPS idea that she may be concerned that you are somehow expecting a "quick fix" or a vast improvement in your condition overnight is v possible

    B) perhaps its possible, that within the time from when she offered repeatedly and when you started asking about it, somehow someway she perceived that you'd said/done something that indicated you really didn't believe or have any faith in the concept (reiki, in this case), and therefor she thinks its likely it wouldn't be beneficial.

    C) I don;'t even know how to describe this in way that makes sense to Reiki... Is it possible that in the interim referred to in B that your friend experienced some sort of "crisis of faith" type of thing? Somehow allowed the negative doubt to creep in and is worried abt doing you more harm than good if she's harboring these "doubts" about her own abilities?

    Hope some of this has given you some idea of the multitude of things that could be going on....You'll notice none of them is she suddenly decided that you're not "worth it" to her as a friend, because based on this post Phoebe, you seem very open and intuitive abt nuances of friendship, so chances are you're a wonderful friend who she loves and cherishes, OK? And remember, if you enter into anything with openness (willing to share), open minded-ness, and desire to be totally honest in relationships (including owning up to all the hard work it takes to maintain any friendship!!), you're gonna be great!!!

    So sorry to be so wordy, but when I read your post made me think immediately about how conflicted and confused I was when this happened to me last. Unfortunately I lost that friend, because neither of us put in the "hard work" to get thru our crisis....I regret it to this day.

    So chin up, darlin! And I hope everything turns out for the best!


    PS....Perhaps if you were to buy a book or something abt reiki (ridgerunner just recommended one to me, might be an option) and were to begin to casually ask her opinion/interpretation about what you were reading, and really tried to get a bit of a "mentor/pupil" thing happening, she would realize without a doubt how serious and ready to be committed to this option to assist your wellness...just a thought?

  3. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    This has completely boggled my mind and like I said I didn't want to ask and thereby put her in an uncomfortable position where she will feel like she HAS to say yes even though she didn't want to.

    I know about the giving receiving thing and I'm always giving her little presents or taking her for coffee or doing things for her, and she does the same for me, so it would not be a problem.

    What I didn't know is that when you give reiki you receive it as well, I thought maybe my sick toxic body will drain all her energy and life force, I know it sounds stupid but that is what I thought.
    And no, I didn't think for 1 minute it would cure me, my response to her was "sure, why not, let's give it a try".
    Thanks for your advice girls!

  4. orachel

    orachel New Member

    ...situation now, but just remember something, OK? Your body may be crying out in a whole lot of painful ways right now (and boy oh boy do I understand that!), and you may fully accept the "reality" of your CURRENT (and we know they'll get better in the future, right?! LOL) limitations, which is great so you don't overstrain your self. But please please please...and I know don't know much but the barebones basics of Reiki...but please tell me you don't see yourself as "toxic" overall?! You may have a whole lotta toxins in you (and don't we all!), but your illness doesn't and shouldn't "define" you and the SUM of who you are is in NO WAY TOXIC! If you were an overall "toxic" person with a "toxic" body and a terribly negative, very very nasty selfish self pitying attitude with nothing to contribute to the world, then you could call yourself "toxic" and possibly be right. But I can't Imagine that Reiki or any other positivity based/naturally balanced wellness art could possibly imply that someone like you who happens to have an illness in her body right now, and is clearly a kind and open and giving person at heart, could possibly be considered "toxic" overall.

    And if by tiny chance that is the viewpoint Reiki practitioners take toward someone with a physical illness but still has so much love in their heart (which I doubt 99.9% is the case of any "wellness" expert of any kind!), then I sure hope somebody tells me that so I don't waste one more minute researching something like that! LOL

    You're not toxic, you're wonderful. All of us who are on this board are wonderful, or we wouldn't still be truckin' with the obstacles we overcome, in my opinion!

    Much love (and sending you some bigtime Self-Love, too!)
  5. Leenerbups

    Leenerbups New Member

    Reiki does not drain the practitioner, when done correctly. If anything, it is as healing for us as it is for you. I always feel so much better after a session, because all that good energy is flowing through me.

    Sounds like she either has a personal issue with you, or is in doubt of her skills?? Maybe she cares so much about you , that she feels she is too close to the situation? Perhaops she needs more training in order not to take on the client's energy??

    It's something you'd have to talk to her about, it sounds.
  6. daylilyfan

    daylilyfan New Member

    I have gone to a friend of a good friend, Mim, who does body work plus Reiki and many other types of healing. This woman is absolutely magical. If I had $50 a day to go to her every day, I know I would feel wonderful. Sometimes what she did was extreamly painful while she did it... but afterwards the relief was heaven.

    She told me that I have been in such pain, for so long that it does actually drain her to work with me. She schedules a half hour after me for rejuvenation of herself. I am sure she does things correctly. She told me that some people have such screwed up energy, and are in such pain, that it does take a lot out of her. Sometimes while working on me, she has to leave the room for a few minutes and what she calls "reorganize her energy".

    Another friend, Barb, has been learning different types of healing massage including Reiki. She does not like to work on FM patients because it is to easy to make them go into flare and make them worse. She says it takes a lot of skill and a lot of control to do work on someone like Mim does and actually heal those in great pain. She asked if she could practice on me once. She tried her gentlest movements, and I was in a bad bad flare for weeks. Yet Mim, mentioned above, never caused that.

    I think I would ask her if she does not want to work with you, if she would recommend someone else. It may be that you are to close of friends, that she would not feel objective.
  7. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    Thanks everybody for your wonderful advice, I think I will ask her to recommend someone.
    We are very close, but I never thought that could be the reason so thank you for your insights.
    I'd really like to try it, I've heard only good things about it on this board so far.
    I'm actually interested in learning it myself, just a bit difficult at the moment with me already working full time.

    And thanks again Rachel, I don't think I'm a toxic person, just that my physical body is in toxic overload :)

  8. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    I took classes in "Healing Touch" some years ago, and have used it with people in my work as a nurse; however, I am not a practitioner.

    Healing Touch is not so different from Reiki, perhaps a little more gentle, which may be of benefit to those of us with FMS. Many times it's used with massage or when giving personal care to patients by nurses. The fundamental objectives involved in Healing Touch are restoring (1) energy, (2) balance, and (3) harmony within the body's energy system and the body's surrounding system through a patient / client self-healing process.

    The patient / client must consent to touch. Touch is so important to our bodies. It's pretty much a proven fact that there are energies that surround the body (may be referred to as auras), and energies within the body (may be referred to as chakra). Energies have natural balance. With illnesses, or other body stresses, these energies become "unbalanced." Also, if energies are unbalanced, (this would "stress" the body) illness may result. A practitioner of Healing Touch only facilitates the balance and does not "heal"; their body being restored to balance heals the person consenting to touch.
  9. wiseeagle

    wiseeagle New Member

    Hi there Phoebe,
    I am a Reiki Master (there are 3& 1/2 levels for a practiioner) Level 3 is Master and level 3 &1/2 is Master/
    teacher. That means Master/teacher can initiate people into Reiki. I really do believe your friend is only concerned that you might expect Reiki to cure you. With chronic condions (any) is it very hard to uptain a complete cure. I also am an RN--Healing touch is similar to Reiki but there are alot of differneces. Reiki is stronger, you can guide the energy or let Spirit and also your own body take over in the sessions. Believe are not our own bodies know exactly what is needed for relieve of pain, etc. And subconsciously
    DO we really want to let go of ALL the mental, physical and Spritual blockages? this is only made on a subconsious level. Counsiously we have NO clue!! I suggest to talk to
    your friend--there really should be no problem just ask her point blank -- you had suggested I try Reiki now I'm ready--
    I accept it as a blessing and have no expectations for a result..I just want to experience it. If you put it in those words I can't see her denying you.

    YOu really need to try a couple of sessions to feel the energy at work..if you enjoy Reiki (I haven't met one person
    had hasn't except my cousin who said "I don't feel anything"
    He really chose not to accept it)!! Also lymphatic massage is very helpful with conditions such as ours.
    If you do enjoy Reiki..then I strongly suggest to get initiated to Reiki and give yourself treatments.Its cost wise itwillbefor you and many others..think about it. I have been into Reiki for 8yrs. I took Reiki one really being very skeptical and really it took me
    1 yr. or so to really understand it for myself. For a long time myhands never got warm, I never felt the energy..I believe that it was that I really didn't want to and then I
    got a boost ( it's a quick initation that jumps start what you already have). Then I started to feel, understand its
    power. and I continued to 2 and then quickly to 3 Master.
    Yes, I am a master and still have Fibro and now chronic Lyme Disease..I feel blessed that I have this wonderful modalities at myhandsanytime I need it. and get it helps remerously with trying to control my pain..Italso can increase pain only for a short time during the treatment, With chronic conditions its like concrete and you have to break down piece by piece until it breaks. I hope this helps you and possible other to understand a little what Reiki can do, oh, yes, Reiki is the only treatment where a pract. is NOT drained of her/his energy we get it back double or triple. and it's immediate!! I really don't know that someone said about her friend has to rest for a half in hour to get herself together--are you sure she's really Reiki.

    Love and Light,

  10. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    I'm phoning a practitioner right now!
    I will let you know after my first appointment how it went.

  11. Ridge-Runner

    Ridge-Runner New Member

    Bump for all & Reiki
  12. mjmoorern

    mjmoorern New Member

    I sure am glad somebody explained that to me I am new to these boards & my sister in law does that but she does it on animals. I didn't know it was also done on humans especially "our kind" I will have to ask her about that. Thanks for explaining.
  13. daylilyfan

    daylilyfan New Member

    it was me who said that the person who works on me leaves a half hour after working on me before the next person because working on me takes so much out of her.

    Perhaps I didn't explain. She does more than just Reiki. I think it's the "other stuff" more than the Reiki that drains her. I am so messed up, for so long. There have been times when she just lays a hand on me, in a particularly painful area, and sits quietly, and I can feel the healing. She doesn't move. I don't move. But I can feel it. She will get up after several minutes, and just shake her arms. Kind of snaps them. It's hard to describe. You can see a physical change in her between when I go in and when I leave. She puts all of herself into her sessions.

    The strangest thing that ever happened while I was there was this. She put a long fishing line type filament down from the ceiling over the table I was laying on. She hung a long amethyst pendant on it. It just hung there, straight down. She had me focus on it, while she was working on some severe areas of pain in my body. During one of those times when she just had her hand laying on me, not moving, her eyes closed, she would just tell me to think "well thoughts" to think about the pain moving out, and good energy moving in. To pick a visualization of the pain moving out through my skin, and beautiful energy flowing in with my breath and down through my blood to my cells and forcing the pain energy out. Now, I tell you, I am not easy to convince, but that darn pendant moved. It started to sway. She was not breathing on it. she had her head down, eyes closed. There was no reason for any kind of trickery, or such. The only explanation was some sort of flow of energy from her to me. I'm not saying that pendant was swinging 2 feet, but it was gently moving back and forth about a half inch. She said she has only had that happen a few times, that most people won't relax and let the energy flow and allow it to happen.

    She's half Native American, and has had all sorts of Shamen training and many different types of body work training. I don't understand what she does. But, she's made a believer out of me, because she has helped me when nothing else does.
  14. Grailgoddess

    Grailgoddess New Member

    I am SOOOOO sorry so many of you are having these experiences, but as Orachel said, these kinds of responses when taking up friends' offers - unfortunately - isn't all that unusual. Usually, the offer is made with good intentions & honesty. Unfortunately, often times the offer-er doesn't "think it through" when the request to take them up on their offer is made. . . they are in their own little world of the moment. How human we can be. Sigh.

    But, I digress. I am a Reiki Master, and know many, many, many other Reiki practitioners, up through Master. When Reiki is done correctly (ego-less, fear-less), it never, ever drains anyone, as many others here have said. It can't drain us; Energy work does not come from us, so it can't take anything away from us. Since it comes through us, rather than from us, that is why the practitioner also is a recipient.

    I will channel remote Reiki to all who want to recieve it; to those that don't, the Source knows & won't channel it there. I will ask the other practitioners I know to channel to you all, too. Bless ~
  15. lea

    lea Member

    Is remote healing different than in person?

    I've not posted in this topic, is it too late for me to ask for remote healing as well?

    thank you
  16. Grailgoddess

    Grailgoddess New Member

    Hi - you're now a recipient. I think that whether energy work works better in person or at a distance has a lot to do with the beliefs of the sender and the healee. I know I have often benefitted more from a remote healing than some in person, because I can't (subconsciously) block it. With your permission, a healer can work on you w/o you even knowing when, and it can have great effect.

    Thanks for joining us!

    a sante!
  17. lea

    lea Member

    Just want to say thank you.
  18. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    I really appreciate your insights, I have been following this post and I feel like I have learned alot about reiki!


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