please give me a programmed diet for candida

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    I'm Elmira from Iran but because of boycott I don't have credit card to buy any candida book
    I've had Candida from 11 years ago but medications don't work!!
    These are my symptoms:
    vaginal odor, vaginal discharge and burning
    pain in my right arm and low back
    PMS and menstural pain
    gas & bloating & IBS
    ear itching
    epighastric burning

    Please help me I am very depressed now because of this condition I haven't worked from 3 years ago and I'm afraid of going out of my home, This is like being in prison

    I read about Treelac before but I can't provide it in Iran then I saw your site and I decided to ask help from you
    What should I do.I feel of death everyday

    After reading of your Newsletter I've started to eat more fruits, lettuce, legumes, ginger, green tea.
    I'm using Lactol (3 times a day after food) and Cap Selen Plus (selenium, zinc, vit A,C,E) once a day and Tab fluconazole (one tab every 3 days)
    but I didn't change anymore.

    can anyone give me any advice and help?

    Thank you
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    I don't have any personal experience or advice to share with you on this subject, but our members here have a great wealth of knowledge. We also have a wonderful search feature that will give you some ideas.

    You posted on our health forum, which isn't always as active as the others. You are welcome to post your questions to our other forums, we have one dedicated to Candida, and our most active one is CFS/ME. Many with CFS also struggle with this.

    You can find the drop down navigation list of forums on the upper left hand of the page. The search feature can be found on the upper right hand corner.

    All my best,

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    have you tried natural homeopathic products for yeast Infectons like yeastrol or yeast infection No More
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  4. Looks like we need some specialist here and Hope they can solve your problem.