Please, has anyone been treated by Dr Jacob Teitelbaum himself?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by happycfs, May 24, 2012.

  1. happycfs

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    I have signed up to see Dr Jacob Teitelbaum, over the phone. He is vey vey expensive, though he seems to know his stuff. He is very kind too, I like that.

    What I am wondering, is if anyone has ever worked with him.. I know he also is the diretor of Fibro and Faigue centers. Any luck there? Any thoughts at all?
  2. sunflowergirl

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    I've read a lot about his treatment. I hope he's able to offer help to you.

    I've read about adrenal fatigue, FM, yeast infection, hypoglycemia, CFS.....the list goes on and on with almost the same complaints. So I'm wondering......what the heck is really wrong with us?
  3. deepak

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    Please do let us know what he says :)

    Good luck

  4. MicheleK

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    Hopefully I did not misspell his name.

    In working for and being in contact with a few of the "real" leading specialists on ME/CFS & FM, I can tell you that you would be better served to travel if possible to one of them. They are in New York, North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, California and Utah.

    I have had interaction with Dr. T via his FB page and through e-mailing. He is a kind man. He does have some great supplements. (I take some of them myself). He does care for people, though as has been mentioned he has milked our illnesses for his own personal benefit financially and he has little credibility among the doctors who specialize in ME/CFS for sure.

    Recently the FDA sent him a very long list of violations in the claims he makes about his supplements. Some of them seemed a nit picky to me when I read them but others they hit the nail right on the head.

    Personally I read his book From Fatigued to Fantastic when it first came out many years ago and I am still sick as a dog.

    If you have an appointment with him remember that he has claimed in the past,(I think he's being careful right now after the FDA thing, but you will be having a private conversation so who knows what he says privately to a patient)that you could be cured of your CFS, FM or basic CF by doing his SHINE program and going to one of the clinics he reaps profits from. $$$$

    Dr. T does claims to give all of the profits from his supplements to charities. We don't know which ones. I would love to know that, especially if they were for ME/CFS & FM patients. Being involved in advocacy and charity work for these illnesses, I have never seen nor heard of one of our organizations getting any donations from him like ProHealth does when you buy supplements from them.

    You say the phone visit is very, very expensive. I don't know what you view as expensive but whatever you do and whatever you decide to take for your illness, beware of any claims of healing you. Personally, I travel 11 hours to see one of the "real" specialists for ME/CFS. It is worth every mile and every penny. And once you see them and they evaluate you, they then will do phone visits or even Skype visits for the rest of the year as long as you don't have any other major health issues and you have a PCP in your area to take care of that.

    These are my personal opinions. I hope whatever decision you make, it will work out well for you.
  5. deepak

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    Dear michelek,

    Can you share what all supplements you take now which help you.

    Btw- how is the LDN going for you ?

  6. happycfs

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    Thank you everyone for your replies!! I was hoping to hear if anyone had a one-on-one session with him, as a patient. Though, I know that that was far fetched. Either way, I do so appreciate everyone replying with such honesty! It means so much to have this forum of sincere people, trying to help each other.

    Dr Teitelbaum charges about $2900 for an intensive first round of evaluations, with a long list of blood work and health history. He devotes half of a work day to the first time appointment, as he calls you and then hangs up intermittently to figure out a treatment plan. There is then a follow up appointment. He is willing to work with my primary doctor for free too. I have talked to one woman who says that she was cured by him, after several years of serious me/cfs. But she said that she was personal friends with him, and though she seemed very trustworthy, I just don't know her well enough to be sure about it all.

    I do think that Dr Teitelbaum is a genuine man, wanting to help our community. I just do not know anyone really who has been treated by him personally. It is a LOT OF TRUST to give to someone if I follow his words blindly. I am excited, but I am scared too. I am really sick already, have not been able to leave my house in years.

    I will be starting the Gupta program as well; the amygdala retraining program. I have known two me/cfs people who said that it gave them their lives back. I figure that it can't hurt! No drugs, no supplements. Only meditation and working hard to stay positive.

    Thank you my friends.
  7. lunceford57

    lunceford57 Member

    Hi happycfs -- just wondering if you eventually consulted with Dr Teitelbaum and what the result was? or if anyone else on this site actually consulted with him in person or by distance? We're running out of options for our CFS-sufferer and seriously looking into consultation/treatment by Dr T..... but worried that there are NO patient reviews out there anywhere that I can see. Please, please, if you or anyone you know has direct experience of his treatment, could you post about it here?

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