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    I just heard from a mother seeking help for her 9 yr. old daughter. Daughter has CFIDS. I do not have details.

    Looking for Drs. in SE Michigan or NW Ohio, maybe Bowling Green, Ohio area?

    I will pass on any info to her.

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    Your friend could try contacting any of the following as a starting point. Maybe they would have some suggestions:
    The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Clinic of Flint , MI . I believe the book America Exhausted by Dr. Edward Conley is offered free through their web site.
    You may want to look up the work by Dr. Paul Cheney
    Ohio State University Medical School, Columbus, OH)
    You could consider contacting the CFIDS/FMS Support Group of Central Ohio. Columbus, OH---Maybe they would know of another group closer. A support group would know which doctors seem to do the best job helping patients with chronic fatigue.

    Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum book from fatigued to fantastic.

    I found a CFS/FM "good doctor list" for Ohio!

    There are several doctors and locations on this list. Hope this helps. I have no direct knowledge about any of the doctors or locations listed. I'm just attempting to give you a starting point. My best wishes. Joyfully

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    Very kind of you. I passed it on to her.

  4. sues1

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    Hi sues1

    I am from up North Michigan (Alpena Area). The Last time I checked last year there is a Dr. down by you, but for the life of me I can't remember his name. I belive I Googled for Fibro. Dr's in Michigan and his name came up, I hope it helps. If you do find one and your friend goes and sees him please let me know how he is and if she liked him.

    Good luck!
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    only because i watched a tv show on sleeping beauty syndrome i dont remember the the proper name but that is what they called it and most girls start to get symptoms around 9 just a thought charlene
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    Well there is

    Dr Martin Lerner near Detroit. info at:

    and i think there is an FFC in Troy. i'm sure someone can give you the contact info for this one.

    also a Dr Guyer in Indiana.

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