Please Help. Anyone find life insurance that will

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjcookie, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. cjcookie

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    accept a person with Fibromyalgia. Of course, I'm on meds for depression. I also have diabetes and high blood pressure. I think it's probably hopeless but hoping someone found some. I need to have this as I owe money.
  2. findmind

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    If you owe money when you die, I don't think anyone else is obligated to pay it. Some companies also offer "credit" life insurance that pays it off, and it's very cheap.

    If you want to look into it, Physician's Life Insurance offers group rates, so if you haven't had cancer, HIV or heart attacks, you're usually accepted.

    If you're over 50, AARP offers life insurance too, it's about 36.00 mo. for 14,000.

    The larger companies are now offering term life ins. very very cheaply now. You might try one of them first if you want a larger policy.

    Physician's Life is expensive, but one can get 7000. for about 80 mo. without an exam of any kind, if they are the only ones who will accept you.

    Hope you get other answers to help you find what you need.

  3. blueski31717

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    I have been with zurick (sp?) I pay 34 dollars a month for $100,000 it is term and before 20 years is up I have to up date policy but is well worth it. They know I have thyroid, fibro, high bp . As long as you don't have anything life thretening is ok. I figure the 100,000 will cover everything. and who knows how long I will live. I also have life on my loans so what ever my life insurance policy is they do not have to pay anything but burial, that will be creamation which is cheaper than a whole funeral.

    Never understood all that funeral stuff, If the people wanted to see me or give me flowers do it while I am alive where I can enjoy it. I will only have immediate family at graveside after creamation..MY wishes lol
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  5. PVLady

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    There is life insurance that provides lower limits like 10,000 to 25,000, sometimes 50,000 in limits. I have seen them advertised on TV by AARP.

    Because the limits are so low, there is "no medical qualifying" however there is a two year waiting period before you could collect on the policy. In other words the policy would have to be in effect 2 years before you could collect on it. If you died before the two years I think they just return the premium you have paid.

    If you do a web search and enter "life insurance no medical exam" you will get alot of sites with info.

    I saw one company offering 150,000 with no medical exam. I think it was Garden State Life.

    Good luck

  6. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    kind of humerous. I owe money to my parents and I'd like to leave something for my son if something happens to me. What other reason does someone want life insurance.

    Thanks to all the others who answered my question without question.

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