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    my son Christopher is in detox and is suppose to go to a rehap program now.

    The problem is there are no beds available at this time and he may be let back out onto the streets, where his friends will meet up with him and do what they do.

    Please pray that God will find him a bed and he will not be let out, not even for a day.

    The first thing he will do is go to my parents for more money and they will give it to him.

    Also ask the Lord to provide him with a permanant program best suited for him and that will help him with his mental problems as well.

    He lies constantly and I need The Lord to reveal the truth to these people who are involved in his treatment.

    Sorry that I have not been here to help pray, I am overwhelmed right now with so much and I am always expecting calls and cannot spend much time online.

    God Bless
    luv and miss you
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    Praying for you and Christopher..
    Read your message and was touched by your words-
    I am married to a recovering alcoholic (I say that because he will always be recovering)-

    He drank from the time that he was 11 years old and drank for 14 years of our marriage (total 26 years of drinking).
    He tried re-hab , but the truth was he was not ready to stop- re-hab only helps if the person truly wants to stop.
    My husband did not.

    Things got so bad in 2001 that I was ready to leave-I told him this and had a plan ready to go.I was terrified by the idea of raising 3 children on my own- but living with him drinking was even more terrifying. He lied, he stole, he begged, he cheated, he tore my heart apart.The only thing he could not do was destroy my faith in God.

    I prayed some days for God to help him, some days I prayed for him to die (I really did not want that but was hurting so much I thought there might be release from the pain if he was no longer able to continue to hurt me through drinking- No, he was never physically abusive- just verbally and emotionally.)

    I issued an ultimatum, and you have to be 100% serious-
    Get sober or get out. I will not help you anymore.
    I will not support or enable you anymore in your addiction.

    I spoke with my Pastor and he had SERIOUS WISDOM in what he told me- let him go. You cannot fix him- only God can. And God does not force himself upon a person- the person needs to cry out for God to help him and be 100% ready.

    PRAISE- my husband finally reached that point- he cried out to God on September 16th and surrendered his life to Jesus.
    He has now been sober for 3 years, and has no desire to drink ever again. Our marriage has taken some work, due to the damage, but God is a God of Restoration & Healing.

    This is possible for you and Christopher- but you need to focus on YOU and YOUR relationship with God. Let God work on Christopher. All you can do is pray for him.

    God bless you for not giving up- will continue to pray for you both. With love, Deborah
  3. dash

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    Abba Father,

    I pray that Christopher will be given a bed immediately in the rehab facility.

    I ask that Your angels surround him with a spiritual hedge that keeps away those who would do him harm.

    I pray that his true self be revealed to those who are involved with his treatment and to himself so that he can honestly see his spiritual state.

    May he receive the discipline and love that he needs to recover. Most of all, may he come to know the Savior and the power of redemption in his life.

    I pray for Lisa and her husband that they continue to find shelter from the storms of life in You. I pray You make them strong in your Holy Spirit and pour out your grace and blessings over their hearts so that they travel this road in confidence and peace.

    In Jesus'name I pray,
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    You've gotten good advice & prayers...I prayed Della's prayer with her:) Remember to keep casting your care upon the Lord b/c he cares for you. Monkeykat
  5. PrayerWarrior316

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    I will certainly be praying for you son.

    Blessings, Judy <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
  6. NewEnglander

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    God Bless you and praise God
    They found a bed for Christopher and he will stay there for 21 days and then they are going to try and find a place to live, where he will have continued care for as long as we wants it.

    So now I'm just asking the Lord to put him in the best placement possible, one where he will get the most help with his drug abuse and mental illness.

    A place where he will be happy and not want to leave.

    thank you so much for your prayers, they moved the hand of God and found my son a bed.

    luv lisa