please help, constantly pumping adrenaline, and have a baby to care for. :(

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    Help! this is my last resort. I feel like I am going insane. I have been constantly pumping adrenaline since december. I had a baby 16 months ago, and haven't felt good since. I had a saliva test, and it showed that I had low progesterone, dhea, and high cortisol. the doctor put me on progesterone cream, and dhea, but it hasn't helped. I tried some anti-anxiety medication and it made me feel numb to everything. I dont want to just mask the symptoms, I want to fix them. I need some answers. I am in a state of constant panic, when there is nothing to be panicking about and nothing. There is nothing to stress about in my life. My husband supports me and my son and I stay at home. I have no reason to be in this state. Please help me! I feel like I've tried everything!
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    ProHealth doesn't provide any doctors to respond to the posts here. So your answers are from regular people just like you.

    I don't know if you have been seeing an OB/GYN for treatment, but if so then I would suggest a second opinion from another OB/GYN as this almost seems to have the ring of hormones. Female hormones can get out of whack from child birth, from breast feeding, etc. My thyroid developed a goiter just a few years after childbirth.

    If all doctors find nothing and instead believe it is due to anxiety and panic attacks, you can decide to see a therapist (a therapist does not depense meds) and work with biofeedback and so many other methods of working with panic. On your own, you can go right now to your local library and pick up THE ANXIETY & PHOBIA WORKBOOK by Edmund J. Bourne, Ph.D. and that is the workbook that my therapist had me work with. I got the book off of Walmart's online site.

    Good luck and I hope you find out what is happening.

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    It's a build in ability designed to turn off the fight/flight response after the danger has appear to be stuck due to self induced hysteria...breath slowly and deeply while sitting comfortably and let everything go on the exhale. Takes a bit of practice but I have/had a similar problem due to military training.
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    When you are dealing with extreme panic and anxiety, it's great to have alternate ways to help yourself. I appreciate all the help that can be offered.

    For me, I had a lot of problems trying to breathe while in panic attacks, anxiety and PTSD flashbacks. I have some panic every so often now, but the PTSD flashbacks are back again, darn.

    I discovered I don't breathe while I was in a panic attack and it actually felt like someone had their hands strangling my neck (maybe back to childhood violence?). Plus there was the racing heart and being so scared.

    For me, in the beginning I could not breathe at all and with the therapist I had to work different ways and found that having a yummy fountain Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper (I don't normally have soda) with me during difficult times (a difficult Dr. appt), helped me to have a yummy drink and fight away that feeling of not breathing. The therapist said that having a drink of that yummy soda, apparently would stop the "not breathing" episode all the time. He would have a glass of water for me in his office just in case I forgot to bring the soda.

    The therapist with the workbook I mention above helped me to understand what sets off the panic and it's the brain. The workbook also has slow "exposure" therapy that helps a person fight panic and anxiety by doing exercises like the one below if they are panicy and anxious to go in the store:

    Step One: Driving to the store parking lot, sitting in the car and just looking at the store for as many days or weeks to get them comfortable;

    Step Two: Walking from the parking lot to the store door (don't go inside) and remain there for one to five minutes. Again, do this until you are comfortable

    And the steps go on and on and this "exposure" therapy makes a person feel some panic and anxiety, but definitely accomplishment at each step.

    I love the exposure therapy and the end of the book has exposure therapy for flying in a plane, riding as a passenger in a car, dealing with people, being in crowds, for heights, for elevators, for driving across bridges, for going to dentists and doctors, etc.

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    You might be low in GABA which is a neurotransmitter in the brain that has a calming effect. Neurotransmitters are affected by hormones so it's interestig that it happened after your baby ws born. There are GABA supps but Ihear it is controversial since some studies show that GABA taken orally does not cross into the brain. However there is another product that helps the brain to better use GABA and that is L-Theanine. It's a natural compound that you can find at a health food store or online. If it will work for you notice the effect right away (20-30 minutes) after taking it. Start with 100mgs and if you don't feel anything take more. Google what the rec highest dosage is - this stuff helps me tremendously with anxiety. I had my neurotransmitters tested and sure enough my GABA was low!