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    Dear all,
    I'm 29 and for the last two years i have suffered form an undiagnosable illness. I got progressively worse for 3 months and then felt extraordinarily tired, nauseas, headachey , achey and had trouble thinking and remembering things. I couldn't drive for longer than 15 mins and felt very bad first thing in the morning.This lasted for a year.
    Doctors have been next to useless and I still don't know what is wrong with me. We have excluded a great deal of illnesses through blood and stomach tests. i am feeling a bit better but the symptoms come and go with no consistency or pattern. I can't make head or tail of this illness and don't know how to treat it because i don't know what it is?????Thanks so much to those who wrote to me last time ( much appreciated) Thanks Lu
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    I strongly suggest that you bring your suspicians to a Rheumatologist!!Ask your primary Dr. for a referral.
    And log all your symptoms so you'll have them in front of you.(so you don't forget anything)Bring your list to drs appointment and tell them that you've been feeling ill for this long,and you suspect either FM or CF~ Wishing you luck!