Please help.... Does anyone get this sympton

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    Hello all.

    I have suffered with ME for 11 years now and during that time i have been from being bed ridden to upto 80% well. For the past year i have felt my health deterate to now at about 80% ill. My most common symptons are fatigue, anxiety and dizziness. However i have in recent months had a new sympton come up and i wonder if anybody else has had this sympton.
    It is hard to explain but i try.... Your head often feels under pressure (Tension headache you might say) I fuzzy feeling but also a feeling of something moving inside head for a few seconds at a time. It makes you feel off balance and can even give me a quick jolt of your head. The jolking feels like a electric shock going through my head and also reminds me of restless leg, when the muscle in you leg jumps.

    Can anybody explain what this is or suffer from it and is it ME related?

    Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

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    Some antidepressants have brain zaps as side effects. Notably the SNRIs.

    But I think I'd want to see a neurologist & get an MRI done, ASAP. Any family history of aneurysm?

    Best wishes.
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    I am sorry that you are so disabled. Have you properly ruled out lyme disease as the cause of your illness?

    I have had FM for 21 years and I just found out I have lyme. I am told that I wil get better!!!

    Have you had a western blot through Igenex lab in CA?

    If you go to the FM/CFS board, you can read several of my recent posts about the symptom checklist, articles to read and my Igenex results.

    It is interesting to note that in Dr Burrascano's lyme disease symptom checklist are the symptoms you mentioned: fatigue, anxiety, dizziness, headache and an "off balance" feeling.

    Please read my posts, find Dr Burrascano's paper online...I tell you how to find it in my post, and do the symptom checklist on pages 9-11. Start doing the could change your life for the better!