Please Help does provigal take time to get into your system??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon5650, May 8, 2006.

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    I have been given provigal (alertec) here in Canada, and feel absouletely no different. I am just so disappointed with everything lately, feel somewhat bummed out. I'm wondering if it takes time to get into your system or something. I take 300mg a day, morning noon and late afternoon. I usually go to bed at 10, up around 6 or 7, have breakfast around 8 then swallow all the pills and vitamins, then try to start my day. It has been a week today I 've been on this Alertec and its like my doctor has precribed me a sugar pill, I feel no energy, nothing has changed. What is going on? how come some of you guys have tried it and it has help you? My doctor has increased my B12 injections, now this, I am on all the other stuff for energy, what is going on here. I mean this is a drug for narcolepsy and MS fatigue, what do I need now? a fire cracker !!!! all kidding aside though, I get so tired I can not be bothered talking at time, don't answer my phone, just sort of isolate. Help me if you can!!! sharon5650
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    With the first pill that it wasn't for me. Made me sleepy; supposed to perk you up like caffeine.

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    As with other meds, some help some people and not others. Can't give you a scientific answer for why.

    I take 100 mg. in the a.m., and 100 at noon. When I first started, about 3 months ago, I noticed that it helped. I eliminated my afternoon naps for awhile, but now they're back.

    My doc said I could up the dose, but I'm not really inclined to want to do that.

    Does your doc have any other alternatives for you?

    Take care,
  5. sharon5650

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  6. sharon5650

    sharon5650 New Member

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