Please Help!!! Don't know what this is!?!?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rangers32, May 31, 2012.

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    Ok do two days ago I went on a diet and started to exercise. I had not exercised in a year and I web straight into it with 50 push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks and squats. I lost 3.4lb in 2 days but here is the problem. After my workout I felt twitches in my foot which after about 12 hours now turned into twitches in my feet and legs. I have seen so many possibilities from dehydration to Lou gehrigs disease(I pray it's not that). So what could it be? I might be dehydrated because my lunch made my bm's loose an I went 4 times(sorry). I have been drinking water(3 water bottles) and my pee is a light color now. Could it be lack of say vitamin d or downright because of my diet? Could it be because it might be unhealthy to lose that much in 2 days? I also noticed that when I think it stopped but then it starts again, a wave of fear(I guess) comes over me and it all comes back so could it be related to stress? Sorry for all the questions I'm just really worried!!
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    You got dehydrated and overdid both the diet and exercising. The weight loss may just be fluids. You should rest and not try to exercise until you've recovered. Then, you should go much more slowly at it. I don't know what kind of diet you are on but one should always talk with one's doc before going on any kind of diet. In fact, considering your symptoms, you should probably call your doc. It will help put your mind at ease. Loss of electrolytes is common in strenous exercise. Drinking a sports drink, like Gatorade, will help to replace them.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi rangers.

    I agree with Mikie about fluids and electrolytes.

    Make sure you get some potassium and magnesium back into your body. Something like the low-sodium version of V8 juice would probably help.

    I agree with her other advice, too.

    Best regards,

  4. gb66

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    Are you on any kind of diuretic? This could cause dehydration, especially if you aren't eating enough carbs. High protein, low carbohydrate diets can cause a lot of fluid loss.

    This happened to me on a certain diet of this type and I ended up in the E.R. I was taking diuretics at the time also. Doctor told me to eat high potassium-rich foods, like bananas and oranges, with the pulp.

    If you drink too much water it could make it a little worse. You may lose more fluid through urination. This can cause your sodium and potassium to go too low. Best to take it easy when starting new diets and exercise routines.

    Balanced meals are best. Starting with a few simple exercises is too. Take your time and enjoy the gradual changes. These are just my thoughts on the subject, not a medical person. I would check with my doctor first before resuming ANY diet or exercise routine and have a routine checkup and blood check to be sure I'm in good shape to tackle it.

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