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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karenwebber, Aug 18, 2003.

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    I have been desperately trying to get my Gamma Globulin covered by my insurance company (Cigna). They have denied it and said we could appeal. My pharmacy is also going to try to put it through at Medical because I also have that.

    This has been miserable. My Cigna covered my first two doses for some reason so I had a "taste" of the Gamma and I felt great on I can't get it anymore. My dr. wrote notes saying we tried everything, I have been on IV antibiotics with no help, that I have staph and Aspergillus infections and low Natural Kill Cell function. I did the Immunoglobulins tests and the subclasses but they came back very low, but in the normal range. FOr instance, say the range is 5-10, most of mine came back as a 6. Meaning that on any given day my Immunoglobulins are surely low. I have had chronic infections and can't get rid of them. I am so sick please help. What have you all done to get this covered? Any suggestions please? Cigna says they only accept it for Bone Marrow patients and for people with low Immunoglubulins. Thank you, Karen

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    i just wanted to offer my support and to say to keep going and trying to get what you need. sometimes you have to keep writing notes again and again. I don't have any advice but I may also be getting gamma globulin soon too, so I wanted to offer my support. I wish you didn't have a hard time with this- maybe a retest in a few weeks and you will be low enough to qualify? good luck. its so horrible to find something that helps and then be denied it. keep going!